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Game Mode Settings on Your Devices

Gaming offers an excellent diversion from the daily stresses of life. This is especially true of mobile gaming, which allows you to play your favorite titles anywhere, anytime, including while on the move. And as game developers continue meeting gamer expectations with their latest releases, phone developers seek to optimize the mobile gaming experience. Most recently, the release of Android 12 saw the introduction of a new feature called Game Mode. Developers maintain that it is the most efficient way to game on your mobile device. Let’s take a closer look at this feature, what it does for gaming, and how you can enable it on your device.

What Is Game Mode?

Gaming Mode is a new built-in feature included in the latest smartphone models that is touted to improve the gaming experience. According to manufacturers, it optimizes your mobile device resources so you can increase your gaming speed and graphics while cutting back on distractions. An example of this is disabling alarms, notifications, and popups while you play so you do not lose your progress. These features can make the gaming experience more immersive and your gameplay more competitive.

Game Mode Optimization Options

The specifications for the Game Mode feature may vary slightly across mobile devices. However, most versions allow you to increase image quality and frame rates while playing an online game. Game Mode can also clear running apps in your background, freeing up your device’s RAM so your gaming features can load faster and you can reduce lagging. Other key features of Game Mode include a setting for sound and screen preferences, screen recording, and disabling connectivity for background apps.

Do Not Disturb

Perhaps the most exciting perk of the Game Mode feature is the “Do Not Disturb” setting. Any gamer knows that untimely alarms, notifications, and popups can ruin your chances of winning a game. In addition to distracting you and compromising your strategy, these distractions can give your competition an edge over you, especially if they are using a distraction-free console. Studies have even found that constant notifications can alter your brain chemistry and affect your focus.

It is for this reason that Game Mode allows gamers to block ad mute notifications during gameplay. The feature also allows you the option of keeping your calls in the background so you can communicate hands-free without going off-screen. 

Alternatively, you can enable Game Mode to auto-reject calls. This feature ensures that incoming calls don’t cut off your connection as you play online minimum deposit casino games like poker and slots. Losing connection during an online game can cause you to lose your advantage and even money, especially if the game is being played live against other players.

Enabling Game Mode

If you are impressed with the Game Mode feature, you can easily enable it on your phone or mobile device. It is important to remember, however, that this feature is only currently available in the latest android, IPhone, and Windows versions. If yours is one, open the Settings app, then use the search feature to find Game Mode on your phone. Open Game Mode, then select “enable” to get started. Alternatively, open any game you have on your device and tap the small game control icon that pops up on the screen. This should open the Game Mode dashboard from where you can optimize your phone for gaming.

Final Thoughts

Mobile gaming has made gaming more accessible than ever, but there is always room for improvement. Avid mobile gamers understand the common pitfalls of mobile gaming – slow internet connectivity due to competition from other apps, lagging due to an overworked RAM, distractions from notifications, and more. The newly introduced Game Mode can help you circumvent all these problems and elevate your gaming experience.

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