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When we start to experience hair loss, we start trying all sorts of home remedies. It is like a shot in the dark. This could hit the bull’s eye or be a complete mess. The best way to get the right treatment is by heading to a hair clinic Toronto. No, not every hair loss requires hair transplantation. There are so many myths that surround this treatment that it can make one apprehensive about heading for a consultation. If this is a reason that has been stopping you, we are here to help you out. Following are some common myths that have taken over.

Hair transplantation is only for male pattern baldness

If you are a woman who has been thinking about hair transplantation, this myth might be stopping you from getting the right treatment. It is a common myth because androgenic alopecia, which is the genetic disposition for hair loss is also known as male pattern baldness. The reason behind this is that it impacts men and women differently, and more men go through it. Women experience it as hair thinning and widening of the partition. When a woman decides to undergo hair transplantation, the techniques used are more precise. It can help create beautiful natural-looking results.

Hair transplantation is the only way to treat hair loss.

Whenever anyone is experiencing hair loss, they often find themselves thinking that maybe it is time to undergo hair transplantation. Sorry for the disappointment but hair transplantation is not the golden standard treatment for hair loss. It is only to be considered when hair loss is permanent. Even after that, there are criteria that the patient needs to meet. For example, they should have enough donor follicles available. To know if you are a good candidate, you need to undergo a consultation at the hair clinic.

You don’t need to undergo any other treatment after the hair transplantation.

The follicles that are transplanted will survive as they are resistant to DHT. However, the hair follicles which naturally belong to that site might not survive. There is a high chance that you might continue to experience hair loss even after the first hair transplantation treatment. You can choose to undergo a second transplant if that is a possibility for you. Pairing it up with PRP therapy can help to boost the results as it rejuvenates the blood supply to the follicles.

You can transplant body hair to the scalp.

How we all wish this was true. The donor area is at the back and side of the head. Though the latest innovations have allowed the transplantation of body hair, the results have been unreliable.

The results from transplantation are instant.

We all dream to wake up the next day with a fuller scalp. This dream doesn’t come true overnight. Even after undergoing hair transplantation, one needs to be patient. It takes about a year to see the final results of the procedure.

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