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High Paying Slots You Can Try

Great online slots

When it comes to online gambling, there is no contest in what game is most popular. Slots have become the most played casino game. This can be attributed to many factors, but some of the most obvious ones are ease of use and the huge variety they provide. To play slots you don’t need any skill, all you need is to decide the size of the bet and you are ready to start spinning. The hardest choice you have to make is what slot to play. We selected some of the highest-paying slots for you to start playing and enjoying.

Ugga Bugga

With an RTP of 99.07%, Ugga Bugga is one of the highest playing slots you can pick. The slot was developed by Playtech in 2013 and has a cartoonish design and is one of the favorites in many online casino NJ. The structure of the slot is peculiar. It is split into 10 independent sections, each has a row and 3 reels. Although the potential of the slot is 1,000x, the volatility is very low. This means that you will win a lot but the wins will not be that big. So if you look for fast volatile games Ugga Bugga might not be for you, but if you like steady low risk gameplay you should try this slot.

You will not find a large number of symbols in this African-themed เกมสล็อต, however, you will see that there are many ways in which you can connect them. The symbols are split into 4 categories, drums, masks, bowls, and huts. Each group is divided into 3 more variations that offer different payouts. There are also wild symbols that you can find, these will help you connect winning lines since they substitute any symbol.

There are no bonus features or free spins that you can receive, but there is a special feature that will make Ugga Bugga interesting. Each spin is split into 2 phases. First, you will spin just one of the rows. After the spin you can choose to hold onto one of the reels, the selected symbol will appear on all 10 rows in the same spot. Holding a symbol is not mandatory and it is your choice whether you hold onto a symbol or spin all reels again. This slot may not be a good fit for everybody but its unique feature makes it worth a try.

Mega Joker

A classic in Netent’s catalog, Mega Joker still holds up to modern slots even though its graphic design is very outdated. Mega Joker is pretty limited gameplay-wise, but the high RTP of 99% in combination with the high volatility makes it one of the most popular slots even after all these years. The game was developed in 2011. The slot is split into two play areas, three rows, and three reels. There are no free spins you can receive, but Mega Joker has some special features that make it worthwhile to play.

The theme of Mega Joker is as classic as it gets, the symbols that you can find are different fruits, 7s, jokers, and treasures. The treasure is the most sought-after symbol since it is the one that you need to win the progressive bonus. Also, if you manage to find 3 joker symbols on the same spin you will receive a random reward that comes out at 400 coins.

The Supermeter Bonus mode is activated after a winning line appears on the reels; you can choose to gamble for prizes as high as 2000 credits. To win you will have to spin the reels on the top play area. Besides the super meter bonus, every spin on the slot goes toward a progressive bonus. Another classic feature is the gamble function that allows you to double the win after a spin if you manage to guess the color of a card. The old design of the slot might be a turn-off for some, but the high RTP and high volatility make this a slot that everyone should at least try.

Book of 99

A new take on the classic book template, Relax Gaming set out to create a slot with 99% RTP. The theme we see in the slot is Greek mythology; this is reflected in the symbols but also in the design of the background as well. Experienced players should already know what to expect from this type of slot, but the extra features it provides should bring interest to the slot.

The game’s main selling point is the bonus feature. Like any other book game, the bonus revolves around an expanding symbol that is chosen randomly at the beginning of the bonus feature. In Book of 99, you can receive this bonus in 2 different ways. First is the classic way, where you get 3 scatter symbols in one spin. The second way collects the scatter symbols whenever they appear on your reels. After you collect 99 scatter symbols the velkomst bonus feature will be automatically activated.

Book of 99 is structured on 5 reels and 3 rows with 10 pay lines. The game has a high volatility, even though Relax Gaming made the game with 99% RTP. There are not many high RTP games with high volatility, which makes many players eager to try this game.


Many factors can influence your decision of what slot to play. From the theme of a slot to the sound that it makes, picking a slot is not always easy. Not often do providers develop slots that boast a high RTP in combination with high volatility. When you find one, give it a try, it might make it worth your time.

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