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How Accurate Are Tufina Watches?

Have you ever wondered about the accuracy granted from mechanical timepieces? Most people know that a standard quartz watch is usually accurate to within one second per day, while a higher-end mechanical watch can fluctuate between -4 and +6 seconds per day. This relatively minor deviation (one minute per 10 days) is the maximum accuracy of officially certified mechanical watches. Tufina is a brand renowned for providing luxury mechanical watches for men. Thus, many people often wonder how accurate their timepieces really are. In this article we are going to talk about the precision they guarantee while diving into some of the more technical details. 

Tufina Watches Rate Accuracy

All the watches coming out of Tufina’s manufacturing shops are accurate to -3/+2 seconds per day, and up to -3/+4 in the tourbillon models. Their artisans continue to strive for the utmost accuracy, precision and dependability. The timepieces’ stability rate is examined in several stages during their production. The final rate accuracy measurement of the cased watch must meet the company’s internal precision standard before being released to the public.

During the construction of their tourbillon watches, the same examinations and evaluations are done as with all other mechanical watches, but the specifications are more rigid. When the final inspection is conducted, the rate of accuracy must be between -2 and +1 seconds per day. Tufina watches are a great example of German craftsmanship and accuracy. They have a stylish and functional design that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. The movements are crafted in-house and the cases and pieces are made with great attention to detail, following the German expertise in horology.

Larger mechanical timepieces

A mechanical watch stores energy from a mainspring in the barrel. Then a system of gears transfers it to the escapement, which supplies it to the balance wheel and hairspring. Watchmakers try to maximize the amount of power for a more extended operation time. The size of the watch usually makes it easier to store more energy. That is one of the reasons why these 44mm Tufina watches can guarantee great precision and accuracy

Precious jewels in movements

Tufina watches use rubies, diamonds, and sapphires in the internal mechanisms. The use of these expensive gems is necessary for the watch to function properly as they are extremely resistant to wear and tear from long-term friction. These jewels serve a functional purpose, as they are much harder than metal, and are better able to withstand damage caused by the breakdown of the oil inside the watch.

Jewels are valued for their tough and smooth exterior which reduces the pressure the gears experience. Metal-to-metal contact, however, would slowly diminish the inner parts of the movement. Rubies for example are simple to create, coming in various sizes and shapes, and their unique design permits them to fit into small openings in the watch plate. Composed of a stable material, jewels give secure friction which can be easily calculated. Additionally, their shock-absorbing characteristics minimize the movement and connecting points of the balance staff. Ultimately, the lessened friction keeps the system components in good condition, enabling these German watches to work correctly and precisely for an extended period of time.

Handmade Finishing

Tufina’s watches flaunt a truly remarkable finish that makes their mechanisms appear like petite pieces of art. Their manual methods of watch manufacturing are unparalleled for high-end, elegant watches. Even cutting-edge machines cannot imitate the exactness of the human hand in some watch-making processes. For example, certain angles that need to be incorporated in a watch movement can only be done manually.

Moreover, Tufina’s artisans incorporate plating, which not only looks attractive to the eye (by giving the components of the movement their hallmark ‘polished’ look) but also helps protect the metal components from rust. Some of their models also feature Geneva stripes. These extensive, straight lines etched onto the movement for aesthetic purposes can be practical as well, because they help keep dust away from the delicate, operational parts of the mechanism.

Thorough testing

Numerous factors can affect the precision of a watch, one of which is the law of gravity. Depending on where the watch is located, the balance wheel can either be more effective or less effective. As people go about their daily lives, their watch will alter its position repeatedly. To counteract this, watches from Tufina are calibrated for different positions, including dial up, dial down, crown left, crown up, crown right, crown halfway down, and so on. The more postures the watch has been adjusted for, the more accurate it will be.

Regular Maintenance

To guarantee that your Tufina timepiece is as accurate as it can be, you must make sure that it has been regulated correctly. This is done by altering a small screw, which alters the strain on the spring. An experienced watchmaker with the correct tools can complete this job in a few moments. It’s also important to make sure that your watch is accurately adjusted. Adjustment, instead of regulation, means guaranteeing that the balance wheel is in balance. This too can be done by a certified watchmaker.

Lastly, you should make sure to keep your timepiece properly lubricated. As years go by, the oil in your watch will break down. This would result in a lower performance. In general, you should lubricate your watch after 2 to 3 years of use. At least try to do this process every 5 years. If you neglect this simple maintenance method the component of your watch may wear out. Replacing those components would be even more pricey than simply taking proper care of your timepiece.

Tufina: In Innovative Vision

Tufina is a brand that speaks of precision and accuracy. For a timepiece to bear the Tufina name, it should comply with the highest standards of quality. Every single watch goes through a rigorous process of designing, crafting and testing. After everything is double checked, their watches are launched for sale. Even the packaging is exclusively made for these fine timepieces. The brand has set strict standards when it comes to the materials used, the case finishing, decorations, engravings of the watch and much more. Ultimately, their main goal is to offer top-notch German watches that are accessible by both watch collectors and the general public. 

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