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How Amazon Dropshipping Works?

Dropshipping on Amazon is a great way to start your own online business. It is a business model where you sell products without having to carry any inventory. You “dropship” products from suppliers (who also dropship products for you) and then sell them on your Amazon marketplace account. This allows you to avoid costs associated with inventory, such as storage, shipping, and marketing.

Many international retailers use dropshipping, which is an acceptable form of fulfilment. Dropshipping has several legal considerations, much like any other type of business, including taxation, customers, and legal processes. Here is a brief guide for all those who want to know how Amazon Dropshipping works.

How Does Amazon Dropshipping Really Work?

Despite being a simple business model to set up, Amazon dropshipping is challenging to master if you want to generate significant online income. You can only make a sizable profit at scale because your margins are so low. In the end, you must market a wide range of goods, reduce your expenses, and guarantee that your Amazon listings are dynamically priced. Keeping your inventory counts and product descriptions up to date is also necessary to avoid having your Amazon account suspended. Because of this, it is impossible to manage any of these tasks manually and you must instead rely on software. The following must be automated if you want to stand a chance of turning a profit.

    • Creation of Purchase Orders – You must instantly send Purchase Orders to your supplier for fulfillment whenever an order is received.
    • Repricing: You must make sure you control the buy box because Amazon prices change frequently. If not, you won’t generate any sales.
    • Inventory Listing Management – To avoid unfulfillable sales, you must make sure to deactivate your listing when you run out of stock.
    • Product Data Synchronization: The goods shipped by your supplier must EXACTLY correspond to the ones on your Amazon product listing. Any modification to the product’s packaging or version must be considered.
    • Order tracking: You must send as soon as possible to Amazon the electronic shipping and tracking information that your supplier must electronically provide. To handle the quantity of orders you will receive, this process must be entirely automated.

The bottom line is that every aspect of your Amazon dropshipping business must communicate with one another. Success in Amazon dropshipping is a low margin, high risk game. With this business model, you can only be profitable if you scale, and any errors could cause your company to go out of business overnight.


A solid plan is still required, even though starting a dropshipping business is very quick and simple. It will be essential to your business success. You need to consider the goods you intend to offer, your suppliers, your target market, and potential marketing initiatives in addition to the fundamentals like your company name and logo. You can make sure your company is producing enough money by keeping an eye on your margins. To generate a respectable profit, you can mark up your goods by 30% to 50%.

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