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How Are AI, ML, and Blockchain Disrupting the Game Industry?

Technological developments can be either positive or negative for different areas. While AI chatbots and systems are making some people lose their jobs, they are making others’ jobs easier.

Knowing that has led gamblers to wonder about the effect those platforms are having or will have on gambling. We don’t have to go further into the future to know that, as there are now many online gambling websites using AI, ML, and blockchain for their benefit.

Are those systems disrupting the casino industry? They are, but that’s not necessarily bad. All industries need to evolve, and they have to use technology to do that.

Dive into this page if you want to learn more about the changes those systems have brought and will bring to the casino industry.

Are AI, ML, and Blockchain Bad for the Casino Industry?

It’s normal for people to be scared of change. They are used to how things are, and you don’t want the things you love to stop having what you love about them. However, it’s not always like that.

While that’s not always the case, changing doesn’t mean transforming the essence of what you do. Using AI, ML, and blockchain to improve your gambling experience is the perfect example of that. Gambling won’t stop being as fun as it is, it will just have more features. Regardless of that, if you want to practice more, you can go to the Bet999 website and try the games that the online crypto casino has available for its users.

These systems can help online gambling websites overcome many of the drawbacks they have, so instead of having a negative effect on the casino industry, it makes it better.

Regardless of that, you should understand the benefits the three of them offer individually if you want to learn how they help you. People tend to think AI is the same as ML or that blockchain technology is only good for trading.

These are the main features each of them gives the casino industry:


Artificial intelligence is trendy, and everyone is now trying to benefit from it. That includes online gambling. Firstly, AI can improve customer service by helping the customer support team give users fast answers and solutions to clients’ problems.

This is not the same as having a live chatbot that gives predetermined answers to preset questions. AI can study what clients tell it and give personalized answers to help them. That allows other people in the customer support team to focus on more complex situations.

Getting to the gambling experience itself, AI can create random number combinations for each game. That ensures the system is fair and truly random. Many people doubt the fairness and randomness of casinos when they get too many negative results, so it’s great for the casino industry to have a new system to be more transparent.


The first thing you should know about machine learning is that it doesn’t do the same as artificial platforms. AI tries to mimic human thinking, so it learns from what people do and tries to give a logical answer to what they ask it.

Machine learning, on the other hand, consists of teaching a machine how to do specific things under certain parameters. You program machines to identify several patterns and do the tasks you want them to give under those parameters, but it won’t try to do something a human would do or think how people do.

With that being said, ML algorithms can study the customer data in gambling platforms and show them different preferences depending on what they like. Marketing teams from casino websites often use it to make targeted marketing campaigns.

If a casino doesn’t want to use an AI chatbot for their company, they can go for an ML one with preset answers to specific questions.


Among blockchain, AI, and ML, blockchain has been the most effective option in online gambling. The reason for that is that it allows people to gamble with cryptocurrencies and crypto games. Apart from that, playing in an online crypto casino has additional benefits other platforms don’t have.

Blockchain allows faster transactions and a more transparent withdrawal and gambling system.

Is Online Gambling Better Than Gambling in an On-site Casino?

Although they have the same purpose and share the same games, online gambling and onsite gambling offer different things. You don’t get the same benefits when online gambling compared to when you are seeing your prize a few steps closer to you. What’s better, though?

When you gamble in an online casino, you avoid commuting expenses, enjoy AI and blockchain features, and play custom games with additional bonuses. Gambling in an on-site casino, on the other hand, makes you feel the classic sensation people feel when they gamble.

There’s nothing like playing your favorite games with your friends in a casino, but unless you are a casual gambler, we would say playing online is way better for you.

What’s the Future of Gambling?

As it has always happened in the history of gambling, it’s something that will stay with us and grow with the current technological developments. The casino industry will take advantage of what AI, ML, and blockchain offer to increase customer satisfaction and revenue. Those increased sales will help casinos invest in more features to win more money.

Even if some people are not willing to try new casino features because they think they make the casino industry lose its essence, they will have to adapt to the change when the time comes.

Final Thoughts

It’s frightening to see how fast things change, but it’s also exciting to try to predict how everything will be in the future. We should be grateful we live in a time when we can watch all these improvements happen, so the least we can do is understand them and adapt to what they give us.

If you like gambling and what to become better at it, the best you can do is understand the main factors that make it evolve and the reasons why AI, ML, and blockchain technology are good for it. Once you know that, it’s easier to understand other factors about it.

That website also has excellent blog posts regarding the gambling industry, so you shouldn’t hesitate to read them.

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