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How Can I Check Whether I Have Polish Citizenship?

Having the nationality of a country is highly relevant. Citizenship affects our rights, duties and opportunities in life. If you live in or are connected to Poland, you would certainly like to know whether you are a Polish citizen. Checking your citizenship status can be important for many reasons, from using public services to decisions related to work or education. Therefore, below we will introduce you to the different ways you have at your disposal to find out if you have Polish citizenship. If you are still in doubt about this, we encourage you to visit, where you can check exactly whether you have Polish citizenship.

How to check whether you have Polish citizenship?

As we have already mentioned, having Polish citizenship provides a number of benefits and privileges. It affects our rights, opportunities, but also the obligations we have when we receive a passport. So how do we find out if we can call ourselves fully-fledged Poles?

Through family and family history

The first step in trying to establish your citizenship status may be to analyse your family history. If you are the child of Polish citizens or have ancestors of Polish origin, there is a high probability that you also hold Polish citizenship. It is worth examining family documents, such as birth, marriage and other certificates, which may contain information on this subject.

Through identity documents

The next step is to check your identity documents. If you have Polish citizenship, you should have the relevant documents to prove this status. The most important document is the Polish identity card. If you have it, it is confirmation that you are a Polish citizen. If you do not have it, check other documents, such as a passport or a certificate of Polish citizenship.

Polish consulate

If you are unsure of your citizenship status and do not have access to the relevant documents, you can contact the nearest Polish consulate. The consuls are able to provide information on the procedures and documents needed to confirm your citizenship. They can also help you solve problems related to your citizenship status.

Through the Office for Foreigners

If you are not a Polish citizen but are living in Poland permanently or staying here for a longer period of time, you can consult the Office for Foreigners. This is the place where you can obtain information on the procedures for obtaining Polish citizenship. If you meet certain conditions, you can apply for citizenship.

Take advantage of legal and attorney’s assistance

If the citizenship verification process seems complicated or you are facing difficulties, it is advisable to consult a lawyer or advocate specialising in citizenship matters. These professionals can help you with the analyse of documents and the application process.

Using the internet and other online sources

A lot of information is available online. There are websites that provide information on the procedures and documents involved in obtaining Polish citizenship. You can also find discussion forums where other people share their experiences and advice.

Applying for confirmation of citizenship

If you are sure that you have Polish citizenship but do not have the documents to prove it, you can apply for confirmation of Polish citizenship. However, this is a process that may require you to provide various documents and certificates, as well as some time to review your case.

Where can I apply for confirmation of citizenship and what is the processing time?

An application for confirmation of the acquisition or loss of Polish citizenship may be submitted through a consul to the competent voivode, at the consular office of the Republic of Poland competent for the place of residence. The consul will then immediately forward your application to the competent voivode, and you can collect the completed documents in person or by post – however, if they are to be sent by post by the consul, we should discuss this issue already when submitting the application.

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