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How Do You Pack a Roll Top Backpack?

Outdoor gear companies are increasingly catering to street style with stylish pieces that conceal numerous useful technical features, one trend being roll top vintage roll top backpack.

These waterproof bags feature an area for clothing, hats and gloves storage. This saves you from searching in vain each morning to locate essential items.


Roll top packs vintage backpack offer more reliability than zipper backpacks in terms of water-resistivity issues, not to mention wearing down less quickly and providing tight seals through folding it over itself multiple times for secure closure.

An advantage of a tight seal is its ability to help you compact gear within the main compartment, saving space. In turn, this makes your pack lighter to carry. Furthermore, using less straps to cinch down your pack reduces chances of breaking attachments and attachment points.

One drawback of a roll top backpack is being limited to accessing it only from its front, rather than side or bottom. This can be inconvenient when trying to quickly access electronics like laptops on a commute or trip; also requires more strategic use of packing cubes and pouches in order to maximize capacity of the bag.


PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) has quickly become one of the go-to materials for roll top backpacks due to its waterproof capabilities. Most PVC roll top backpacks feature taped seams to further ensure water tightness – important features when heading outdoors for activities like hiking, camping and kayaking!

However, some backpackers prefer waxed canvas backpacks. Crafted with durable materials and designed with sleek modern lines, these backpacks make an impressionful statement while being great companions for days outdoors or travel adventures alike. Some even come equipped with special features like laptop sleeves or zippered compartments to hold wires and other necessities.

Another perk of these backpacks is their ability to accommodate hydration bladders, meaning you’ll have both hands free for phone or camera usage. Some manufacturers even include chest straps to make heavy loads more manageable; plus they feature less attachment points that could get caught on tree branches or rocks while hiking.


Roll top backpacks can be an excellent option for outdoor activities, particularly cycling commuting. A roll top pack has plenty of storage space while still protecting belongings from inclement weather conditions.

Another advantage of a compression backpack is its ability to compact gear for easier carrying, saving space while making carrying large loads simpler. Though these types of bags offer several advantages over traditional zipper backpacks, finding one suitable to your needs may prove challenging.

Roll top backpacks may lack some features and pockets that other styles do, making them less useful to people who rely on organization and storage to manage their gear.


Roll top backpacks tend to offer less storage capacity and external straps than zipper backpacks, making them less accessible for people needing quick access. On the plus side, however, their lack makes moving around easier for users with their backpack.

Roll top backpacks provide another advantage by enabling users to adjust the main compartment’s size according to your gear load – this feature is especially beneficial when hiking long distances with many supplies in tow. An oversized main compartment is easy to expand while keeping everything organized with packing cubes.


Roll top backpacks are more durable and easier to keep clean than zipper backpacks, with waterproof outer shell that is easily wipe-able, no zippers that rust or break, making it the ideal companion for outdoor adventures such as hiking and camping trips.

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