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How Long Does it Take to Increase Domain Authority in 2022?

If you have clicked on this article, I guess you have already tried some tricks to increase your website’s domain authority. But you need to remember domain authority can not be raised overnight. If you have just stepped into the SEO field, you may not be seeing any success in increasing domain authority. According to UK based SEO expert London named Paul Hoda, SEO is also very important for online advertising.

Every marketer wants to increase the domain authority and rank of their website. And all of them think they can only improve the domain authority with the backlinks. However, many other factors also decide the domain authority of a website. You have to take everything along. You can not cheat the metric. But you can use the DA PA checker tool to measure your website’s domain authority.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the ways to increase the domain authority and how long it would take. Keep on reading until the end of the article to extract as much information as you can. Let’s start.

What is Domain Authority?

The Domain Authority predicts the value and reliability of your website. It gives a score to the website according to its strength. The score is between 0 to 100. The domain authority mainly relies on backlinks and content optimization. Moreover, it also analyzes other factors, such as website traffic, keyword placement, website loading speed, user interface, user experience, etc. It was released by Moz SEO, an SEO company, around 2014.

It allows you to know the strength of your website and compare it to competitors and companions. It plays a vital role in ranking your website on search engine result pages. The website with a higher score is expected to rank higher on the search engine result pages.


It was a replacement for Page Authority, developed by Google in the early 2000s. Google introduced Page Authority and made it open source. So many developers and marketers started to manipulate the metric. They used it for their own benefit. After bearing all this for a long time, Google decided to give up on the page authority. That is when Moz SEO came into play. They adopted the page authority and made some adjustments to it. Using different algorithms and sub-metrics, they created domain authority metrics. However, Google does not reckon it is an influencing factor for their page ranking.

How Long Would it Take to Increase Domain Authority?

Gradually building your website is the best way to increase its domain authority. You know that backlinks play a significant part in increasing your domain authority. But you can not increase your website’s domain authority with one or two backlinks. You need a sufficient quantity of backlinks to improve your website. 

But you need to be very careful while giving these backlinks because giving too many backlinks can make your website suspicious for the web crawler. Moreover, over-optimizing your website can also bring down the domain authority of your website. 

Furthermore, you can not give backlinks to any website on the search engine. Remember, domain authority increases when an authentic website uses your backlinks. But if shady websites use your backlinks, the domain authority will definitely go downwards. 

The domain authority is all about referring to each other’s websites. Whether internal, external, or backlinks, all links are significant for your domain authority growth. It focuses on creating a community between some authentic sites on the search engine. And in return, all of them are rewarded with high domain authority. According to a recent study by Neil Patel, an SEO expert, you need almost 2500 referring domains to reach a DA score of 80. If you want to check the current DA PA score of your website, use the DA PA checker tool online.

You can not give backlinks to some random sites and expect your domain authority to increase. However, you have to be very patient and only let trusted sites use your backlinks. For this purpose, you can also convert some of your links to no-follow links. It will have no effects on domain authority but will diversify your backlink profile.

Moreover, website traffic is also a factor affecting the domain authority of a website. So if you have just created your website, you can not get high domain authority. It takes time to gain sufficient traffic on the website. So you have to first focus on the strategies to attract more users to your website. And it can take a few months for sure. So keep on working.

Final Words

It is a disturbing fact, but you need to be very patient and consistent to achieve success. And it can take a few months for sure. So keep on working. It is going to be a very busy first year for you in this field. But as you move forward, everything will be fine. You will not need to put in that much effort and will adjust to the workflow. Therefore, chin up and turn your dreams into reality. You have the capability to do it for yourself. And you can track your progress with the DA PA checker.

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