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How many instagram accounts get hacked?

Many individuals are concerned about the security of their social media accounts, and the more popular the social media platform they use. Instagram is particularly popular, so it’s no wonder that hackers have started targeting Instagram accounts. One problem with instagram accounts is that they’re not as secure as other platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Hackers can gain access to an instagram account by using phishing emails to exploit victims, and even change their passwords without the owner’s knowledge. Although it might be difficult for some people to protect themselves, instagram accounts get hacked, there are some steps you can take in order to prevent hackers from attacking your account.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a popular social media platform with over 500 million active users. It allows users to upload pictures and videos that are shared on the internet. You can follow other individuals or companies, and receive notifications about their posts. The sad truth about Instagram is that it’s really easy for hackers to access your account. In fact, Instagram itself has had multiple security issues in the past year alone, which caused a lot of people to worry about their security on the social media platform.

Signs of an account being hacked

Most of us know when our accounts are being accessed without permission by someone else. If you get an email from instagram, something is wrong. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to know when someone has hacked your account. This is because hackers have already gained access to your account before being detected by the owner of the account.

Instagram accounts do get hacked, and if you use it safely there’s no reason for a lot of people to worry about their safety. There are steps you can take in order to prevent hackers from influencing your account and leaving you in a tough situation. With that said, instagram accounts get hacked all the time, so it’s important that you be cautious while using this particular platform.

How to prevent hacking?

1. Use a strong password:

Using a strong password is the most critical aspect of securing your instagram account. Because hackers are getting better with their software and upgrades, many accounts have ended up in the hands of hackers because compromising passwords were not used. The reason why instagram users don’t change their passwords is because they believe that someone could use brute force to try to gain access. In order to protect your instagram account, you need to make sure that you’re using a strong password.

2. Enable two-factor authentication:

As mentioned above, instagram accounts get hacked all the time. The truth is that modern hacking software has become really advanced, and it’s becoming smarter and more efficient at allowing the hackers to gain access to multiple accounts in a short amount of time. Two-factor authentication is a must when securing your instagram account. Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security, which makes it harder for hackers to gain access to your account. Your instagram account could be at risk if you’re not protecting it with two-factor authentication.

3. Keep your account private:

When your account is private, it means that the only people who can see your posts are the people you allow to follow you. If you choose to make your account public, that’s when hackers can take advantage of it. When your account is public, anyone from around the world will be able to see all of your updates, which might include sensitive information that is not meant for everyone else to see.

How to Know If Your Instagram Account Got Hacked?

Since hackers get to your instagram account before you, it’s not possible to know if you have been hacked. However, there are some signs that your instagram account was hacked.

1. Log out of your account and back in:

When someone hacks your instagram account, they often change the password really fast. This is because the hacker wants to gain full access to your accounts as quickly as possible. If you’re still using the same password that you created when signing up for instagram, then it’s good news for hackers because they can gain access to all of your accounts with just one code.

2. Check your direct messages:

If you decide to make your direct messages public, then hackers will be able to see them and read them. You should go through all of your past and present conversation, as well as message threads, in order to see if someone has sent any malicious content to you or a friend. This is often how hackers spread their malicious content across multiple platforms. They start with one victim, and then the process continues with different accounts. It’s good news for cyber criminals because gaining access to one account means that you have access to numerous ones as well.

3. Check the emails sent to your account:

If you have a lot of emails sent to your instagram account, then it’s a sign that someone has hacked it. There are also certain types of emails that bad people send when they’re trying to fool you into giving up your passwords. Some of these emails will include fake messages from the companies you trust, and they might even include fake deals that make them seem more authentic. If you get any email like this and decide to contact the company yourself, then it’s possible that there was no hack at all and someone is impersonating the company in order to gain access to your instagram account.

Final Verdict:

Instagram is a great social media platform; however, it can also be hacked by hackers. It’s not possible to know if your instagram account has been compromised unless you have the password reset code or two-factor authentication code. If you have your account protected with this code, then it’s pretty much impossible for anyone to access your account without the right code. This is important to know because hackers will often use brute force methods to try to gain access to your accounts in order to spread malicious content that they find on the platform.

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