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How Much Does it Cost to Get Married in Key West?

Memories of the birth of a family are hard to carry through a lifetime without touching photos. So if you’ve decided to have a ceremony in Key West and need wedding photographers in Key West, don’t panic. Vanilla Brides is the best provider of memorable moments!

Every moment of your ceremony will be captured so that you can relive it later. Our team is dedicated to our work and will do everything we can to ensure you enjoy quality footage. In addition, our wedding photographers will give you gorgeous pictures from your event. So every moment will be a bright one.

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Let’s start with the budget

When planning an important event, you should consider all the crucial points. It will affect the final result of the wedding reception. An important point is the presence of a professional photographer. Of course, you can hold a photo session alone, but what will be the consequences of such a decision? Worries about quality content will override the joy of the engagement, the wedding ceremony. Therefore, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of the presence of a person who knows his craft.

Do you want your celebration photos to be affordable and stylish at the same time? Vanilla Brides offers cost-effective packages that allow you to get quality photos at a reasonable cost.

Our team knows that preparing for a wedding imposes specific challenges, and sometimes stressful situations arise. Booking a photographer will save you from worrying about quality content. We are a well-known brand popular among couples who have ventured to take such a drastic step as starting a family. Our service is rightfully considered one of the best.

All of our camera operators have undergone thorough training. As a result, your photos will be as if they were alive, and it will be as pleasant to look through them over time as if you were reliving every moment of the ceremony. Essential aspects are discussed in advance, and everything is as transparent and clear to the client as possible.

Key West wedding cost is affordable for everyone; believe us, it’s worth it!

Make your guest list carefully

One of the main points when planning a wedding is to make a guest list. It sets the atmosphere of the celebration and affects the choice of venue and material costs. Therefore, the criterion should be taken seriously. Furthermore, it is essential that on this day, you communicate with pleasant, desirable people, filling yourself with positive energy.

How to make a guest list for a wedding? Read more about this below:

  • determine the allowable budget;
  • get your priorities right;
  • discuss together a list of invitees, from the narrowest circle to the maximum number;
  • consider their logistics;
  • notify the invitees in advance.

Such tips will help to solve the problem in the correct order. Moreover, it will make your celebration unforgettable, allowing you to communicate exclusively with pleasant people.

Choosing a venue in Key West

Can you imagine a better wedding event than one held on the tropical coast of Key West, Florida? The quiet harbor, surrounded by tropical palm trees, is a true paradise for the celebration.

Havana Cabana’s elegant design, spacious terrace, and delicious food will bring a romantic atmosphere to newlyweds and invitees. It has everything for a perfect ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, you’re invited to a comfortable room overlooking the ocean.

The area of the hotel allows you to take masterpiece pictures. Thanks to a professional photographer, this day will remain not only in your hearts but also in quality photos.

A wedding ceremony at the Ernest Hemingway House Museum? Why not? You can easily decide your choice when you see the picturesque scenery, the expensive exterior, and the possibility of inviting many guests. And what service here, what terrific food is offered. The many exciting locations will allow you to take genuinely incredible pictures from the team of Vanilla Brides.

Barbary Beach House features beautiful outdoor terraces and lush gardens. In addition, you can celebrate your event in comfortable banquet halls. The cuisine of the hotel amazes, offering a variety of delicious dishes. In addition, various options for the ceremony are offered.

After the celebration, the newlyweds and their guests can settle in comfortable rooms.

The Truman Ballroom can accommodate hundreds of guests. The hotel is located in the heart of historic Key West. The premise is made in the original design. Delicious dishes will not leave people indifferent, even the most experienced gourmet.

Experienced photographers from Vanilla Brides will capture your feelings and emotions on this magical day.

Don’t forget the wedding photographer

A wedding ceremony is a beautiful event in your life. That is why having it with a professional photographer is so important. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • getting quality content;
  • sensual photographs;
  • a real specialist who will help you plan the process of shooting correctly;
  • an opportunity to discuss all the details of the shoot.

When you cooperate with Vanilla Brides, you get a choice of prices for key west wedding photography. So choose the most appropriate ones for your ceremony.


Professional photography at the wedding ceremony is an opportunity to get high-quality photos. The photographer will do a productive job unobtrusively for you and the guests. You will enjoy touching pictures throughout your life together.

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