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How Much Is the Average Sterling Silver Chain?

Silver chains are fashionable yet affordable accessories. From individual necklaces to multi-strand bracelets and pendants, sterling silver chains Canada come in a range of styles that can be worn alone or combined. You can find silver chains at many retailers.

A 925 sterling silver necklace’s value depends on both its weight and pure silver content, which you can determine using a quality scale and multiplying its weight by 92.5% silver content.

Box chain

Box chains are one of the most durable and reliable Silver chains available, perfect for supporting pendants, lockets and other valuable heirloom pieces. Their versatile style can also easily transition between casual wear and formal events.

Square link chains are distinguished by their distinct square links and come in different widths, making them easy to repair if a link breaks; broken links can simply be replaced without jeopardizing the integrity of the whole chain.

Box chain jewellery is typically constructed of 925 sterling silver, the most prevalent form of sterling silver alloy. Composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper, it makes this durable material much harder-wearing than pure silver. You may notice its trademark stamp stamped onto rings or clasps or sometimes engraved along necklace edges – this helps ensure authenticity by verifying production according to 925 standards.

Curb chain

Curb chains are an excellent choice whether you’re in search of a simple chain or something to pair with pendants; their classic design features flat, uniform links that come together at two distinct grooves – making this timeless style popular among both men and women for centuries!

Curb chains come in various thicknesses to suit individual tastes and styles. Thinner versions can be subtle and understated while thicker chains add an air of sophistication; thinner curb chains also pair nicely with pendants.

Some curb chains feature gemstones. You have the choice between Cubic Zircon stones or synthetic diamonds – which is less expensive than genuine diamonds – for your curb chain’s gemstones. But be careful when wearing one as movement of your body could cause the stones to move out of position, necessitating repairs service to rectify it.

Figarucci chain

Figarucci chains are a striking style beloved by both men and women alike. This necklace style often pairs well with pendants, while its interlocking square links lie flat against the skin for maximum comfort and can even be personalized with an engraved message for personalized flair.

Silver curb chains come in various lengths and styles to meet every need – casual to formal attire alike. Their classic, yet sleek aesthetic can be found at most jewelry stores; additionally they are great for layering up other types of chains for an elevated look.

A rolo chain is an elegant piece, suitable for wearing alone or with pendants. Comprised of tiny circular links connected by pins, it makes an affordable way to personalize any chain, plus engraving options are readily available for those wanting an engraved touch on their chain.

Rollo chain

Rollo chains are an indispensable jewellery-making staple and suit a range of designs beautifully. Their rounded interlocking links add texture and interest to layered looks, as well as providing secure clasps for charms or drops. Furthermore, there’s an extensive variety of widths that makes layering them simple.

This sterling silver role chain is ideal for showing off a single pendant or adding delicate touches to any look. The wide links, measuring 2.3mm wide, will catch plenty of light and attention – this chain won’t just blend in, it makes an eye-catching statement every time! A stylish and luxurious choice suitable for any special event.


This sterling silver chain has been coated with fine silver to preserve its bright white hue and prevent tarnish. Sterling silver can react with moisture or air pollutants and cause it to turn tarnished over time, so to prevent further reaction it is wise to store jewellery in airtight containers with anti-tarnish strips/tabs to protect it.

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