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How Pure-Hearted Are You? Rice Purity Test

Are you a pure-hearted Christian? If so, you might want to take our quiz! In it, we ask you a range of questions about your Christianity, and how pure-hearted you are. Your results will tell us a lot about your faith – so make sure to take it if you want to learn more about yourself. But remember, you can make your purity test results private if you want. What do you think?

What is the quiz about?

When it comes to being pure-hearted, Christians know that there is always room for improvement. That’s why e quiz was created – to help Christians measure their purity-heartedness in a variety of areas of their lives. Ter taking the quiz, you’ll be able to see which areas need further work and which areas you’re already doing well in! If you’re looking to evaluate your purity-heartedness and see where you can improve, the quiz is a great starting point. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and take it!

How many questions are there in the quiz?

Are you a pure-hearted Christian? Take our quiz to find out! There are 10 questions in the quiz, and each one is worth a points value. The player with the most points at the end wins. If you’re not sure if you answered a question correctly, click on it to view its answer in detail. Good luck – we hope you enjoy taking this quiz as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Can I make my results public or private?

Faith is an important part of Christianity, and testing your faith is a common practice among believers. However, what happens to the results of the quiz? Can you make them public or private? The answer is both. If you choose to make your results public, other members of the church community will be able to see them. However, if you choose to keep your results private, only you and God will know how strong your faith is. What’s more, you can share your results on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter if you want, as long as you’re not revealing any personal information. So, what’s the verdict? Are you pure-hearted? Let the quiz speak for itself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you generally a positive person?

Yes, I am generally a positive person. This is because being a positive person has a lot of benefits, both mental and physical. For mental health, being optimistic has been shown to have better results than pessimism. People who are more optimistic tend to have better mental health, higher self-esteem, lower rates of depression and anxiety, and better relationships. Being cheerful all the time can be difficult- it’s great to encourage others when they’re feeling down but don’t overdo it or you may start to lose your own sense of happiness too. However, by keeping a balance between encouraging people when they need it and not encouraging them to be too happy all the time, you’ll be able to keep your own morale high while helping others in the process.

What are some things that make you feel negative?

When it comes to feeling negative, there are a few things that can contribute. One of the most common emotions that leads to negative thoughts is unforgiveness. If you’re struggling with resentment and anger, make sure to try and identify why these emotions are causing you trouble and how you can deal with them. Prayerfully reflecting on your wrongdoings is also a great way of repenting and cleansing yourself from negativity.

By looking back on past transgressions, you can learn from them and move forward in a better way. Alongside forgiving yourself, it’s also important to build positive habits that will help shore up your emotional stability. Some things to keep in mind include emphasizing gratitude for the good moments in your life, being accepting of yourself, and setting realistic expectations for yourself.check more average purity test for boys and girls.

How do your thoughts and feelings affect the way you behave?

Believe it or not, your thoughts and emotions do have a huge impact on the way you behave. In fact, they are often the driving force behind our actions. In order to live a fulfilled and happy life, we need to be mindful of our thoughts and emotions at all times. Being aware of these things will help us make better decisions, act with compassion, forgive others easily, and much more. Of course, this is easier said than done. However, by practicingregular prayer and meditation, thinking pure thoughts, and living pure lives, we can begin to pave the way for a fulfilling and happy future.


Do you think of yourself as pure-hearted? If not, why not? Do you think that you could be more pure-hearted? If so, what steps can you take to become more pure-hearted? In this quiz, we aim to help Christians become more pure-hearted by discussing the different aspects of purity and how it can be applied to their lives. So, if you’re looking to improve your relationship with God and become more pure-hearted, then check out our quiz now!

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