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How Sneakers Copping Works

All the best sneakers online are bought instantly – that’s the reality we all have to accept. Like it or not, sneaker copping is here to stay and it will continue to dominate drops.

The only way to keep up with this trend is to know how it works and to use it yourself. We are here to outline the process and help you get started.

What is sneaker copping?

Sneaker copping is an activity of using automated tools to purchase highly valuable, limited-edition sneakers in bulk. People practising copping are called sneakerheads.

As a result of copping, different communities have formed, all with their own slang, preferences in tools, and tastes in sneakers. They hang around and share knowledge in so-called ‘Cook groups’. But copping wisdom doesn’t come free, so expect to pay a joining fee.

For some sneakerheads, this is a hobby, but for others, it is a business and they run it like one. Most aspects of this practice are perfected to maximize earnings while reselling the sneakers bought at a later date.

Sneaker vendors fight against copping as it is not in their best interest to allow a few fanatics to purchase all the shoes. The fight hasn’t abolished sneaker copping, however, and only added more secrecy. Fortunately, the first steps are quite clear, and it starts with purchasing a sneaker bot.

Sneaker bots

Sneaker bots are pieces of code put together to automate the task of monitoring, selecting and purchasing sneakers. They complete the purchases in seconds and imitate human behavior to avoid suspicion.

Almost no intervention from a human is needed. Once you set up the bot and provide the instructions, everything else is done automatically. Success is not always guaranteed as many factors are involved. However, different types of bots exist to increase the chances of copping.

  • All-in-one (AIO) bots are designed to work with most sneaker websites and brands, and they also cover additional functions, such as account creation. Usually, AIO bots are a cheaper option than buying multiple dedicated bots.
  • Brand sneaker bots aim to be the best with one particular sneaker brand, such as Nike, Adidas or Supreme. They are easy to use and have a good success rate but can get quite expensive.
  • Marketplace bots are developed and constantly updated with certain websites in mind – Footsites and Shopify based vendors are the most popular. These bots are a middle ground in success rates and prices.

Getting your hands on a bot isn’t an easy task. Most of the time, they are out of stock, and it might take a while before you will be able to buy from the original developers. Two other options are available.

The first one is to buy the bot from a resale site, such as BotBroker, and another is to rent the bot from sneakerheads in a Discord channel. Whichever option you choose, be careful not to get scammed, as people with bad intentions can abuse the system.

Sneaker proxies

Whichever bot you choose, you won’t be able to get more than a few pairs of sneakers without proxies. Sneaker sites monitor the IP addresses of every visitor, and if there are any suspicions of automated activity, the IP address is banned.

Proxies hide your IP while functioning as an intermediary. Your bot will connect to the proxy server first and only then to the sneaker website. For every account, purchase or website you can use a different IP address, and it will save your bot from a lot of CAPTCHAs or even bans.

Dedicated sneaker proxies are best for sneaker websites. Usually, they are residential proxies because such IPs are the most legitimate and difficult for websites to blacklist. Additionally, sneaker proxies are tested to be ban free and have the best performance for copping shoes.

Not all providers live up to the standards, and a lot of success depends on your proxies. I recommend checking out Proxydrop. They are no strangers to sneaker copping, and the features they offer are perfect for bots.


You should definitely sign up for reshipping services. It is a part of successful sneaker copping because most vendors limit the number of pairs to only a few per address. Even if you create different accounts, your purchases may be declined because of a repeating shipping address.

Companies with many addresses, usually in warehouses, can accept your packages and later reship them to you. Good reshipping services will have multiple addresses globally..

Most sneakerheads consider it a worthy investment because it not only allows you to bypass shipping address restrictions, but you also get a shot at localized drops. Some sneakers are released only to a specific location, and, without an address there, you wouldn’t be able to order.

Payment method

Another limitation in sneaker copping one must overcome is that of the payment method. It is not enough to create accounts with different shipping addresses, emails and names – you have to use a unique payment method too.

A bank transfer will not do, as it is a slow option, and there are sites, which don’t accept it. Payment cards are the way to go – they are fast, supported by most vendors and can be used by a bot. The problem is that most people have only a couple of payment cards in their name.

That’s where virtual card providers come in. They allow you to own multiple cards with unique digits. The only difference is that these cards do not exist in a physical form, and you can have an unlimited number of them.


So that’s how sneakers copping works – you first get a bot, connect it through a proxy, enter your reshipping address and use a virtual payment card. It sounds like a lot, but it takes seconds to grab your favorite sneakers.

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