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How to Become a Motion Graphics Animator?

If you have a flair for design or would love to make a living out of your passion for it, then enter motion graphics.

This niche has a variety of exciting design-related careers to offer. Plus, by offering motion graphics services you can rake in big!

While all of this sounds music to ears, it would serve more to our benefit, if we can actually find out what a motion graphics animator does.

Plus, is it really the perfect carrier for you to start?

Keep reading to find out….

Motion graphics animator

Motion graphics is a quite similar idea to graphic design. As the word motion implies movement, so you guessed it right, motion graphics mean movement in graphics.

So, most of the animations and glazing element designs that you see on TV, social media, films, smartphone apps, and perhaps more so in video games are some fine examples of motion graphics.

You would also hear that motion graphic designers or animators are also simply referred to as motion designers.

Since motion graphics are everywhere, it’s also exciting to know that there is a huge demand for quality skills in this market that is accelerating in terms of growth and creativity.

If you aspire to be a motion graphics designer, there is a lot you can learn and do. You can dive into anything from creating attractive visuals to painting animated stories for brands.

There’s a lot of room for designers and design aspirants. They can start with ads, branded content, as well as visual effects for Tv shows.

Plus, what’s truly amazing about the job, is that you’re asked to keep your creative juices flowing. Every day, you’ll be up against some exciting challenge.

You can turn that challenge into a nice opportunity and flex your creative muscles to bring abstract brand concepts to life and be lauded for your unique way of telling stories.

Since the line of work is continuously evolving, there’s a lot you can do. What’s more important is that as an artist you have to be dynamic.

How much can you earn as a motion graphics designer?

Now that you know how amazing the job is, it’s also good to know that the market has enormous growth potential.

But, wait.

You may wonder, what about the money?

To answer that, we’ve some data to share from GlassDoor. Since it’s a reliable source, the numbers we have, make a lot more sense.

The average salary of a motion graphics designer in the UK is around 33000 GBP. However, if you’re guessing the salary of an entry-level motion designer, then know it’s not too far from 33 K.

Starters or entry-level motion designers make at least 24000 GBP.

Assuming that you progress, or are moving up the middle tier of the team, then you can get close to double the amount of an entry-level motion artist. Experienced motion designers make 48000 GBP.

Top Skills you Need

Just like any other professional role, there is an entire range of skills that are needed to nail your job as a motion graphics animator. However, to simplify the list of skills, we’ll divide it into three categories.

Technical kills

One of the most important technical skills you need to have is a strong grip over multiple software. Expertise in following specialist software will help to charm your profile as a motion graphics animator.

  • Adobe Premier Pro and Flash
  • Cinema 4D
  • Final Cut Pro
  • After Effects and PhotoShop

Background Knowledge or Art skills

Some background knowledge of audio design would work wonders for you. On top of that, if you’ve some traditional knowledge of art or design concepts, then it’s a plus.

Besides, the know-how of animation, a strong command of 3D modeling skills, and a solid understanding of color theory are often required by employers.

Soft Skills

We can’t press more on the fact of how important soft skills can be for any job.

But, especially, if you’re working as a motion graphics animator, you’ll juggle multiple things. Best motion graphics studios and companies prefer talent with a diverse set of skills.

For instance, you will be coordinating with project managers, creative heads, clients as well as the producer.

You’ll also be asked to sketch out storyboards, provide your insight on the art that has been produced, or even support in finding audios that would suit the design.

Since all that is required, you’ll need excellent communication skills. You must be a team player and should be open to feedback and not shy in any way from spearheading the team when required.

Your Pathway to become a motion graphics animator

Since you already know the skills you’ll need to succeed as a motion graphics animator, know that there is no particular way of learning.

It should not come to you as a surprise, since most digital careers have a diverse learning path. Following are the ways you can opt to become a motion graphics animator;

Independent courses

The first route you can take is to make the most of the independent learning courses created by various motion graphics academies. You may find your coach and see if they can help you curate an amazing portfolio.


Self-taught is the way where you can pick what you want to learn. You may specialize in one particular area of work after trying out multiple things. Sites such as Udemy and Skillshare offer a range of courses.

You can even boost your learning journey by following some of the best on YouTube. That too for totally FREE! And, you can even follow animation blogs to discover new trends, so that you can keep up with the best of the best!


Last but not the least, you have the option to go to the University and pursue a specialized degree in Motion Graphics Design.

Bottom Line

To wrap up, the motion graphics industry is booming and so is the demand for talented motion artists. If you have a passion for animation or motion graphics, consider yourself blessed! You can rake in big money!

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