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How to Build a Successful Truck Driving Career in UAE

Building a career in Dubai is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. In fact, any difficulties should be taken lightly and be understood that it is only temporary. If you intend to advance your career as a truck driver, don’t lose this opportunity. The modern city of Dubai offers many jobs from the best companies and those who accept relative newcomers.

You can compare salaries in Dubai with other regions but don’t rely solely on this criterion. Although if you have a certain minimum below which you’re not willing to work, just filter the salary criteria in your Layboard search. Fully analyze the offer if you like it, and even better listen to the opinion of someone who has already settled in the region, if possible. How fast you can build a career depends on many factors, but primarily on your desire and effort, so do not be afraid to start and try something new.

How to choose a decent company to work as a truck driver?

Before you go to work as a truck driver, you need to find the right job. Although there are many of them in Dubai, this does not mean that you should go for the first offer that comes along. Unless, of course, we are talking about a lucrative job with good conditions.

To choose a worthy company, you need to answer a few questions:

  • What kind of vehicle are you able and able to work with? This question is especially relevant for beginners.

Prepare for the fact that the employer will not trust you immediately, and this is normal. The main thing is to show yourself as a responsible and competent worker.

  • Are you willing to go the long haul or only the small haul? Companies can look for employees for both domestic and foreign shipments, so this nuance should be read into the job vacancy in advance if it matters to you.
  • What kind of cargo will you be working with?

Cargo is divided into its own subspecies, so it’s important to consider the specifics of the goods you’re transporting. For example, hazardous substances can only be handled by additionally trained drivers who have the proper paperwork.

  • Who will repair the vehicle?

We are not talking about major repairs. The nuances regarding oil changes and other maintenance are negotiated with the employer in advance.

  • How the salary is calculated and how much you will receive per month. Employers do not always offer a salary. It can be a percentage of the freight or a rate for the kilometers driven.

If you have already started talking to an employer, don’t ask about salary right away. Discuss other details that are important to you first. Good employers, seeing your willingness to work honestly and develop, may in some cases be able to increase your salary on their own.

You can compare truck driver job on the Layboard website. There are several pages of current openings on this topic, which confirms the fact that employees are needed. So if you are studying and getting your driver’s license, but losing motivation, look at how many jobs there are not only in Dubai but also in other countries. If you are a responsible driver, you will be appreciated and given the opportunity to develop, and later you can try to start working for yourself.

How do companies choose truck drivers?

Many transportation company executives say in one voice that finding a decent driver is a challenge, which is why good employees are highly valued. This applies not only to professional skills but also to moral qualities.

Although each employer has his or her own subjective view of employee selection, there are common factors that they pay attention to. First of all, these are the requirements without which it is impossible to work. It is the availability of an international driving license with the appropriate category. Then the experience is reviewed. But it is important to describe your actual years of work, including the companies you have worked with. Send your response in competent English. Employers are often interested in why an employee quit, so if the previous company writes a positive review about you, it will be an advantage. If you are asked why you were fired, don’t make excuses and talk trash about your previous job. This can tarnish your opinion of yourself, so act deliberately.

Employers are always in favor if the employee knows how to handle the vehicle in a technical aspect. Therefore, it is a plus if the truck driver can make small adjustments if such a need arises during transportation. The application can often be rejected if the driver has no understanding of how to change the oil or lubricate trailer parts.

There are nuances in the work schedule. If a person has a family and children, it can let him down. But in the case of newcomers, it works a little differently, so this is not always paid attention to. Availability of a normal phone and modernity. It is important to understand that Dubai is a megalopolis in which it is not immediately possible to navigate, so the truck driver must be able to use technical devices (for example, a navigator). You need a telephone to communicate with the shipper and the consignee.


Building a career as a truck driver in Dubai can be done gradually. Especially if one uses the tips described above. Although, each path is different, and much will depend not only on a person’s actions but also on his luck.

Please note that if you make an agreement with an employer on cooperation, you sign an employment contract for a certain period. Before signing it, read all the terms carefully and discuss every detail with your future employer. This is very important, because it will not be possible to change the terms of the contract later, which can cause problems. Dubai’s rules are quite strict, and in case something doesn’t suit you later, the law will be on the side of the employer, because you were told all the conditions in advance. If you break the contract early, the person who did it is fined, which is not very nice.

If you are guaranteed to choose a job as a truck driver in Dubai, start learning the law. More precisely, those norms are related to your job. In addition, read the information from other users, which will be useful to you.

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