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How to Build Your Brand Using Instagram Stories

Instagram is quickly taking over as the social media platform that is most favored by business owners. For businesses with a visual element, this platform has the power to increase customer engagement and publicize your company dramatically.

Having an Instagram story strategy is essential for expanding your company, growing your audience, and boosting your revenue because stories account for 46% of all Instagram engagement, and 400 million people watch stories every day.

How to Access Instagram Stories

This incredibly potent Instagram function is available at the top of the user’s screen. Businesses are utilizing Instagram stories to show themselves to their audience.

Instagram stories are a collection of images and videos that vanish after 24 hours, and they are, therefore, ideal for exchanging brief, valuable nuggets of knowledge.

Once you know your way around Instagram, you can add stories and post to your newsfeed. These can be captured as live videos that could provide your audience with the most recent information on your company’s operations.

Below are some considerations to make if you decide to utilize Instagram stories for your branding.

1.   Monitor your performance

Instagram has metrics that may be used to establish whether you successfully managed to engage your audience. Learn how to interpret these stats to determine how many viewers are watching and what kind of content is most effective.

It would be best if you made sure that your Instagram and other social media accounts are created to present you in the best possible light because they are so crucial for drawing in and interacting with your target audience. A branding and design agency may help with that.

2.   Share great content

For engaging content, know the features that are exclusively accessible on stories and not on newsfeeds. It is also essential to know that these stories are displayed vertically and take up your entire screen.

To engage your customers, strike up a conversation by asking them what they think about a product or service.

3.   Geotags and hashtags

Many Instagram users base their searches on the hashtags they find interesting. Using the right hashtags is your ticket to attracting new clients to your business. Use hashtags that are pertinent to your company as well as what is popular at the moment.

Whether or not a creative agency will be able to guide you on important decisions for social media solely depends on your willingness to cooperate with them. Not only will they help you decide on the best content share, but they will also assist you in creating a professional-looking page.

Adding a hashtag to your custom-made packaging ensures that all paying customers have a tangible asset with info that can boost your Instagram page.

When to Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories’ instant nature makes them fantastic for sharing new launches and general updates with your followers. It is a fantastic platform for sharing behind-the-scenes content that you cannot share on your main page.

Sharing this information will make your customers feel valued since they are aware of the most important happenings. Photos make your Insta Story more interesting to your followers, so use this to your advantage.

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