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How to Choose the Ideal Mincing Machine for Your Butchery

Meat grinders are vital machines for all butchers. They vary in size and are usually available in manual and electric forms. When buying the device, what should a butcher consider? Read on to find out.

A meat grinder or mincer machine is a motorized device commonly used in grocery stores, butcheries, and delis. The device is often used for making minced meat from whole pieces of meat to allow for a more homogenous product.

Below are some of the factors to consider when buying a mincer machine;

Ease of cleaning

If you intend to use your new mincer daily, it can be prone to jamming regardless of its design. As such, jamming can cause overheating of the motor, leading to damage. In this case, purchasing a mincer that is easy to clean would be prudent. To that end, the easiest mincers to clean are usually the ones whose components are removable.

Type of meat

What kind of meat and quantity do you need to mince in an hour? The amount of meat you intend to mince will determine the type of mincer you purchase.

For example, gristle meat, muscle, and fat are difficult to grind and may cause problems for a low-powered mincer. It is possible to use a low-powered mincer for home use, but for commercial use, you need a high-powered meat mincer machine capable of processing an entire animal.

Power and output

As a butcher, you need the right tools to work efficiently. As such, the power and output of your machine should be the first element you consider while buying a mincer. The bigger the motor, the more powerful and easier it is to grind meat.

Pork and chicken mincers are appropriate for domestic use, but a braised steak requires a mincer with a heavy motor. By extension, domestic meat mincers typically have a motor power of between 300-500 watts, while commercial mincers have a motor power between 800 and 1600 watts.

Cutting modes

Versatile mincers are undoubtedly the most effective mincers on the market. Having a mincer machine with a reverse function minimizes the risk of jamming. To remove an obstruction, the user can switch to reverse mode. In addition, consider a mincer with additional cutting blades or extra functionality features.

Brand of the mincer

When in doubt, the most pragmatic course of action is to look for bestseller models from global brands. There are a variety of mincers with diverse power outputs that butchers can choose from. However, cast iron meat mincers are hands down the most effective mincer machines. They are more reliable and long-lasting and are usually made by the most trusted brands toonily.

A refrigerated or classic mincer

Some meats are easier to work with at room temperature, while others require low temperatures. Thus, the question arises, when should you use a classic mincer or a refrigerator-based mincer? Consider purchasing a refrigerated mincer if you operate in a high-temperature environment.

Buy a classic mincer if you work in a cold climate. Keep in mind that refrigerated mincers prevent the development of germs and are easy to use with frozen meat. On the other hand, meat can often heat up in classic mincers making it more difficult to grind.


If you are a butcher just starting or want to upgrade your meat mincer, consider the above factors when purchasing a new machine. The success of your business depends heavily on the reliability of your meat grinder machine. Check bone saw machines.

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