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How to Choose the Right Acrylic Laminate for Your Design Needs

Choosing the right laminate for your home decor has always been a critical concern for everyone. When we buy homes, aesthetics, comfort and safety are the top priorities on our list. Our home interiors include different sections, such as kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, doorways, and so on. Interior designers and home buyers are spoiled with the choices available in laminate sections. With the laminates. We are not restricted to some poppy colours and deep textures; the laminates catalogues have opened the door to wide innovations, especially in low-maintenance sections. If you’re one of those, who is seeking for varieties but don’t have much time to maintain your surface coverings in interiors, acrylic laminates is the best option.

What are Acrylic Laminates?

Acrylic sheets are particular types of laminates pasted on MDF boards.

These laminates are available in different colours and designs for multipurpose usage. The acrylics are made of a polyacrylate polymer, which gives the laminates a better sheen, higher clarity, strength and durability.

The protective layers of acrylic laminates will provide you with a seamless finish.

Acrylics are mainly coated onto the woodwork to offer a glossy finish and durability to your furniture or countertops. On the other hand, these laminates are available in both opaque and transparent. You can use these laminates for various purposes as they resist scratches and UV rays.

Why are Acrylics Special for Your Home Decor?

In most cases, acrylics are used in kitchen areas due to their durability and aesthetics at the same time. Premium quality acrylics can be a hero of a high-end kitchen.

The visual space and better appeal will help improve the interior decor. Glossy and matte finishes are available in acrylic laminates. These reflective layers of acrylics will make your room appear bigger and more opulent.

So, if your 1 BHK apartment makes you feel like a pigeonhole, the colourful and glossy finish of acrylics would make the appearance of the space more open and wide.

On the flip side, if you love minimalistic interiors, textured laminates can be your next choice. We know that high maintenance has always been a concern, so you can choose the acrylic laminates available in different textures.

Customised walls and ceilings are in trend right now. Hence, we often look for digital laminate sheets, but you’ll be surprised to know that acrylic laminates can also be customised.

Even though we love aesthetics and elegance in our home decor, the expense is a red flag we always get afraid of. But acrylics can be pocket-friendly and cost-effective surface material, giving you a good finish to your home interiors.

How to Choose the Right Acrylic Laminates for Your Home Decor

Before picking up any acrylic laminate sheet for your home decor, you must be very specific about some associated features. We have aggregated some must-have features for choosing the right acrylic laminates for your home decor.

Check the Thickness of the Acrylics

We all are very fond of sleek and lightweight materials as they add class and make the interior tactile. But, a thicker laminate would be durable and stand out from the daily wear and tear.

Therefore, choose the thickness of the acrylics as per your requirements in the interiors.

Durability and toughness

You can get two types of surface hardness in the acrylic range: standard 2H and high 6H. Both types are durable and resistant to moisture, scratches and heat, but the latter is better and more durable. Harder surfaces are more resistant to scuffs and scratches.

Visual Impact

For the variation in the quality, the visual appeal of acrylics differed. For example, while a crystal acrylic sheet will add a sheen and smooth texture to the countertops, the textured variation would not offer that. So, choose your acrylic laminate designs consciously, as the variations can make a difference in visual impact.

Where to Find the Right Acrylic Laminates for Your Home Decor?

The Royale Touche acrylic laminates are the best choices for decorating your kitchen and living area. In the current market, you may get overwhelmed by the choices different vendors give. But choosing the right acrylics is not an easy task.

Royale Touche is one of the oldest laminate manufacturers and designers to enhance the interior decor of your place.

Royale Touche HD laminates can instantly uplift your space’s feel and mood. So, choose acrylic laminates to glam up your place without affecting your budget.

For more details on laminates, you can check out our website.

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