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How To Decide On The Style Of The Wedding: Ideas And Secrets From Dream Bridal Couture

Despite the dominance of the classical style as the main style in the design of most wedding celebrations, more and more couples are looking for new original ways to convey their special view of the world, which results in the rejection of familiar forms in favor of more progressive and conditioned by the realities in which we live.

Nevertheless, despite the variety of forms for self-expression, it can be very, very difficult to see the difference between styles, and, moreover, to decide what exactly you would prefer to see at your own wedding, but you need to do it, since even a professional will ask you a whole list of questions, trying to figure out what you like best.

So, life hacks from Dream Bridal Couture on how to decide on the style of a wedding dress and a wedding theme – in the article.

How to Bring All Ideas Together

How to bring all ideas together?

You can say what you definitely like and what you don’t, but you don’t know what kind of style and shade it is? Great! Especially for such brides, we recommend using the mood board method, which helps to organize ideas, eliminate mutually negative elements (and sometimes this happens), and bring all the points to the big picture.

We collect in one place all photos and publications from the Internet, social networks, photos taken on the phone, and so on – everything that pleases our eyes and seems appropriate to us at our own wedding. You can do this both online and by directly attaching printed photos to the board.

Here you can also add color combinations that we consider successful, all kinds of decorative elements, and especially think about memorable symbols for your couple, something that would remind you of your acquaintance, or first date, or joint vacation, or maybe a project – something that is dear to the heart and will certainly evoke the warmest feelings.

The Algorithm for Your Perfect Wedding

The algorithm for your perfect wedding

How to organize everything and not go crazy is a question, the relevance of which is understood by everyone who has gone through a difficult period of organizing his own wedding. And, although today numerous wedding agencies provide absolutely any help in organizing a wedding, nevertheless, you cannot do without making decisions.

So, we have compiled a moodboard, which helped us decide on the style of the holiday, now the next steps will be as follows:

  1. Choose a place. Obviously, a classic wedding will look organic in a historical place, a rustic style wedding in a country place, or a villa surrounded by a garden and flowers. For a modern minimalist wedding, more and more often they choose either remote places where there is no one but two people and witnesses, or, conversely, crowded places in the very center of the usual city life.
  2. Choose a cuisine. Strange as it may seem, but the nature of food determines a lot, and this is especially felt in those cultures where food is treated with special trepidation. Therefore, we take into account seasonality and gastronomic preferences of guests, because they will also affect their perception.
  3. Choose a dress. It is difficult to say whether the wedding begins with the bride’s dress, but bride is definitely the central figure, which means that her appearance must be impeccable no matter what dress you prefer: a classic princess, a revealing mermaid, or a modestmuslim wedding dress, and, of course, perfectly combined with all other compositional elements of the holiday.

We hope that our advice will help you, and let your wedding be the most memorable and bright. In turn, we are ready to deliver the dress of your dreams to any place of the world in Europe, USA,Canada, France, Germany, Romania, Belgium, Netherland, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Libya, Nigeria or any other.

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