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How To Hire Commission-Only Sales Reps

It is a recruitment myth that commission-only sales reps are a thing of the past. Hiring salespeople for a commission-only job may take time and effort. But it is possible with the right sales candidate and sufficient motivation.

Not every sales rep can cut it as a commission only. The current sales landscape is different, meaning you and job seekers must change.

Recruiting commission-only sales reps can succeed when sales managers follow the tips below.

Can Sales Reps Work On Commission Only?

Yes, commission-only sales reps can succeed, even in today’s job market. Top sales performers who close deals regularly can excel with a commission-only income.

Commission-only salespeople tend to be the most competitive salesperson in the room. That energy and drive can be a real motivational force for your company.

Hiring sales candidates on a commission structure makes sense for a growing business. You can scale sales faster, and there is less worry about paying out a large base salary without the return on actual sales.

However, there are some things to get clear before you make your first sales hire – even before you start the interview process.

Things To Remember When Recruiting Sales Reps For Commission-Only Jobs

Refrain from assuming that hiring salespeople on commission only means the process is free. You will put in a lot of work and time to get the right sales reps on your team.

You must understand your business fully first. That includes the sales cycle, where your company’s money is going, and the path to increased growth.

Next, you must determine how you will get commission sales reps interested in your job.

How To Generate Interest In Commission-Only Sales Reps

Have a beautiful and functional website as the outward face of your company. Get a sales candidate interested in your company from their first contact with your business.

A professional and updated website – with working links, multiple pages, and relevant information – will be a draw for good sales reps and customers alike. It will allow new sales reps to learn about your company before they are hired.

Plenty of paid and free resources can help you design a more polished website if your current one is lacking.

Use multiple sales recruiting methods to hire commission-only sales reps. Network with other recruiting managers. Set up a partnership with other sales businesses to share potential candidates.

Look for referrals on LinkedIn or other professional sites. Consider local talent by joining local trade organizations.

Put your job opportunity out there by posting jobs to multiple sites. You will find that greater exposure means job seekers will have increased interest in your commission-only sales rep opportunity.

Of course, the commission rate will greatly interest commission sales reps. Please do your research to find out the industry standard for your locale and try to meet or beat it.

Explain The Sales Process Fully

New sales reps will need a deeper understanding of your sales process. Be ready to help these sales hires take confident steps forward.

Provide sales scripts, mentoring from current team members, or other helpful tips to get them started.

Teach them about your products or services. What advantages does your product have over your competitors?

Honesty is the best policy and will help sales representatives feel more supported. Transparency will engender trust. Be forthright about the challenges facing the commission-only sales team.

Avoid their reliance on ridiculous sales tactics by clearly explaining expectations regarding the sales cycle and salesperson conduct.

Create Incentives To Sell

There is still work to do after you hire commission-only sales reps. The recruiting and onboarding process should include appropriate training. The sales candidates may have prior experience, but do they have a firm grasp on selling your products and services?

Make the required training paid. That will be another incentive for a sales rep to consider your job opportunity seriously.

It may be possible to offer a draw, paying them a stipend as they ramp up their sales. Growing revenue concerns surrounding the economy make this an attractive feature for top reps and salespeople just starting in the industry.

Consider offering bonuses and other incentives like trips, perks, and products to incentivize sales reps further. It may help reduce employee turnover as well.

Tools To Make A Commission-Only Sales Team Successful

Retaining sales reps who work on commission only can take time and effort. Some may consider this work temporary until something more ‘stable’ comes along. Hire multiple sales reps to fight the natural attrition.

Ensure you have an attractive company culture for anyone considering your sales role. Work to make veteran sales professionals on your sales team mentors for newer members.

Have a company culture that includes an open communication policy. Approach each interaction with teammates with professionalism and courtesy.

Provide growth opportunities to help sales rep advance and improve their abilities. They might be one of the next top reps on your team.

Apply What You’ve Learned About How To Hire Commission-Only Sales Reps

Be more confident in your hunt for commission sales reps with the tips above in your pocket. Soon sales representatives will be flocking to your company.

Whether you focus on a pure commission-based salary or offer a more hybrid payment structure with a base salary will depend on your company’s sales process and outlook.

Selectively search for a sales rep until you reach your goal. The recruitment process can be a success – even when hiring commission-only salespeople on a career path to the top.

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