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How to Maintain Electric Lawn Mowers During Summer

An electric lawn mower is an electronic device that maintains grass level short. It is used for cutting grass. This device is suitable for making work easier, especially when grass shoots up; this helps maintain a good and clear compound with the shortest grass possible. If you are interested in Melbourne instant lawn head over to Lilydale Instant lawn.

However, during summer, it is vital to note that its maintenance is challenging. This article gives some of the maintenance routines needed in place. With this, you may have some help ensuring that your device lasts for an extended period.

Maintenance factors of electrical gadgets mostly need good skills to avoid problems such as cuts, shocks, and many others.

The electric lawn mower Kenya requires some maintenance during summer since the grass level is down and seasons have changed. These factors are listed below;

  • Clean out undercarriage

Undercarriage is the housing where the blade is contained. This area may keep dust particles which may affect the blade leading to rust. This cleaning must be done several times throughout the season. Cleaning should be slow and with care to ensure proper service.

However, do not use a hose or pressure washer while cleaning since water can get inside, causing corrosion. Care must be taken then.

  • Use suitable lubricant.

The gadget has plastic wheels, but the axle is made of metal. Since the metallic part may rust, apply little oil on the metal part. Greasing is also of good importance. This may smoothen the blades’ rotating parts, keeping them in a suitable condition during dry seasons.

  • Sharpen the blade.

The blade is now the cutting part. For it to be properly sharpened;

  • Remove the blade from the undercarriage.
  • Sharpen it using an appropriate tool.
  • Clean it.
  • Please give it a thin coat to prevent any rust.
  • Put the blade back on the mower.

These conditions are well followed and give proper maintenance.

  • Blow out the battery compartment.

Some grass may get into tight spots during cutting, which should be blasted out to prevent damage. Blow out the dust using an air compressor or a blower to prevent rust.

When left in tight spots, the grass particles might affect the battery, lowering its performance rate.

  • Read the owner’s manual.

The manual provided should be read for proper maintenance since it illustrates clear guidelines for the maintenance approach and the use of the gadget. This may prevent avoidable mistakes due to the need for a manual guide.

In addition, the vents and motors must also be blown out as some grass may get into them. To avoid the stoppage of work, this should be considered.


The electric lawn mower is very important during the spring season or winter since the rate of their use is very high. However, as the season shifts, giving a summer mood, the grass is low; thus, its use is minimal.

The above factors should be considered to avoid damage due to rust and breakages. With this, we hope that your electric lawn mower will serve you well.

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