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How to Maintain Weighing Scales

Weighing scales have become a standard tool found almost everywhere to help with the ability to know what anything weighs. There are two main categories of weighing scales; mechanical and digital. In this article, you will learn what affects the accuracy of your weighing scale and how to maintain it.

There are many types of weighing scales. A digital weighing scale is easier to use than a mechanical weighing scale. In addition, it gives you an already computed figure compared to a mechanical one. The above is one factor that affects the weighing scale price Kenya, among others.

Types of weighing scales

Kitchen scale

As the name suggests, this weighing scale is found in the kitchen. It aids with measuring food ingredients for storage or also when cooking. It measures the quantity of even the spices that you use.

Health scales

This type of scale is used to weigh a person. They are commonly found in hospitals, gyms, schools, and homes.

Precision scales

A precision scale is commonly found in laboratories. This factor is because they can measure small samples to precision. For example, if you want to measure something that weighs 0.01g, this is the weighing scale.

Counting scales

When you go to the supermarket, and they use a scale to weigh your groceries, it is known as a counting scale.

Luggage scales

They are commonly seen and used at airports to weigh bags.

Weighing scale maintenance

Here are a few ways to maintain your weighing scale machine;

Regular cleaning

You must always clean your weighing scale before and after use to ensure it is dust-free. Dust can lead to incorrect weight measurements.


You must constantly inspect your weighing scale machine to ensure it does not have rusting parts. Check also to see if there is anything that needs to be fixed by a technician to prevent it from worsening, which might lead to more repair costs.

Do not overload

As you use the weighing scale machine, ensure you do not load more than the device can handle.

Dismantling the scale

Unless you are a technician, avoid opening up a weighing scale because it could damage the scale and cause inaccurate readings.

Regular maintenance of your weighing scale is vital to ensure its long durability.


To get a proper weighing scale, you need to get a verified and reputable supplier. It will be costly if you buy an inaccurate weighing scale and have a business that needs a scale in its operation. Therefore, one must understand what type of weighing scale one needs before purchasing one. It helps you know the size or the best usage of the weighing scale.

Friction, magnets, and temperature changes cause errors in the measurements of weighing scales because of expansion and moisture. The electronic weighing scale was invented around the 1940s, and upgrades have been developed. If I was to be asked, an electronic weighing machine is a good investment because it is easy to use, since it only needs for an item to be placed on it and gives a weight reading, and it tends to be more accurate.

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