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How To Make A Basic Movie Date Unforgettable

Ahhhh, the movie date. A standard dating template guys can always rely on for the first or second date; you will never be let down. You’ve got to remember to do your part and not screw it up on your end. To help you from screwing it up, I presented a few guidelines below.

Be Prepared

You’ve got to be prepared even before you walk into the theater and have confidence. After she agrees to go on a date with you, rent a limo and go down your list of movie names and times, and then pick your preference; remember to pick something neutral that both of you might be interested in. Then ask her what she wants to watch.

  • It would be best if you showed her that you actually put some thought into the date. The statement people use, “it’s the thought that counts,” is doubly true when dealing with women. The thing that will make it a great experience from the start is when you have a Utah limo service come to pick you up in a luxury hummer limo, she will never forget that date.¬†
  • Next, you need to show her your willingness to take the lead. Although we live in a time where most women rightfully enjoy independence, I still see plenty of women who like to defer many decisions to their men, usually as a test. You need to show her that you can take charge even with the small things.
  • The biggest thing is to show that what she wants does really matter, especially when you ask for her opinion. Some women will happily just go along with your final choice, while others will make their desires known. An excellent way to go about options is to bring the well-thought-out selection to them so they can veto what they don’t like. If you do that, she will remain secure in the knowledge that their man can lead and makes a great effort to plan.

Use Body Language

¬†Believe in trying to create attraction whenever its possible, and even though I don’t recommend immediately groping her, if you’ve got two and a half hours sitting next to the girl you like, you do not want to waste that time. So I would say make your interest well-known through your body language: lean into her slightly; occasionally, you should let your knees touch, look over at her once or maybe twice, and then let your eyes meet. If you have one of those moveable armrests, leave it up, allowing for some “accidental” shoulder touching, if you know what I mean. If not, you should let her lean on it while you are leaning against it; it will create intimacy through space.

Make it an Experience

Chances are, she has probably already gone on a movie date before with some number of guys, so I would suggest trying to make the date unique and exciting. And, it does not mean that you show up at her door with a dozen roses or any other overreaching behavior. She might think that is nice and sweet, but if you want to make a lasting impression, you must do it with your attitude, character, and energy.

Do Something Else, Don’t Just Go to a Movie

Most society tells young men they should feel lucky if a girl agrees to go out with them. I entirely reject this belief! Whomever you spend your time with should matter just as much to you as it does to her; I don’t think sitting in front of a movie for 2 hours, not talking, poses the very best opportunity to try and get to know someone.


Going on a movie date can be a different experience for everyone, but you can still make your best effort and make it an unforgettable experience. Doing a little extra on a movie date will help build you and your loved one’s bond.

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