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How to Make a Transition on Tik Tok in Several Ways

Outcomes in TikTok aid you to make tapes that involve and hook your followers. Clip metamorphosis is a kind of impact and its popularity is high on the platform. With outfit transition to Tiktok in video editor the user receives original content that flies into recommendations with a high chance of becoming viral. The main thing is to design the video additionally, put an epic melody on it, and consider the plot.

How the metamorphosis effect is achieved in TikTok

You have the possibility to achieve this type of shooting in different approaches, but they will have the same essence. You need to shoot a video with periodic recording stops and speed control. The sequence of actions includes:

  • The user logs into the account, and then into the video recording section.
  • Then the shooting of one action begins. When you need to change it, TikToker presses pause.
  • If desired, the TikTok video editor can speed up or slow down the next frame.
  • Then again the recording stops, and the speed becomes familiar.
  • As a result, the user ends the clip with the final action.

When the speed of the video changes, usually the author puts on a different costume or changes the location of the shoot. You can add a freeze frame to the tape.

Metamorphosis “Jack”

Realizing such an effect while shooting seems like a difficult step, but in fact, with the help of the best TikTok editing app, it will not take you much time. Follow the instructions to obtain the desired consequence:

  • Pick up your phone and start videoing. You can also ask a friend to film you (the process will become easier).
  • Start one action on the video, and in the middle, turn the phone gradually upside down.
  • Stop shooting.
  • Then resume it so that the frame begins with the screen turning to its original position, and the action is then completed.

An example of a typical Jack-style metamorphosis is hop. When the person in the tape jumps and reaches the highest point, the flip begins. At the end of the transition, the cutscene hero jumps out of the spiral and lands on the ground. The TikTok editing app will finish all the work and make the video perfect.

How to shoot a metamorphosis through the head

This type of shooting is considered simple. You can realize it yourself in a couple of minutes. To edit a TikTok video with these manipulations, the process is like this:

  • Start videoing from the front camera.
  • Choose the song and turn it on.
  • Next, start shooting the face from the front. Stop shooting, and then continue from a different angle.

Make two or three cuts to get the desired effect at the end. Users have come up with numerous interpretations of this kind of change, but the one described above is easier to implement

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