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How to Pick the Perfect Shapewear for Your Outfit?

Shapewear has become a popular part of wardrobes these days as they are commonly used as an expression of confidence and self-love. Even though the trends have kept evolving with time, body shaper with butt lifter can surely help you achieve a flawless look with your outfit. If you’re looking for a game-changer and want to ensure that your outfit looks perfect, shapewear can help you enhance your natural beauty and style.

Whether you want extra support for your body or want to make sure that you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, shapewear is what you should opt for. This is where Shapellx comes in as they offer a variety of shapewear that you can choose from. Here we have brought you a few options that can be great for boosting your self-confidence.

AirSlim ElasticFuse Waistband Shaping Bodysuit

This AirSlim ElasticFuse Waistband Shaping Bodysuit offers an all-in-one shaping for your body along with a firm elastic that provides proper support. The bodysuit has been designed in a way that it offers complete control and elasticity to deal with your tummy problems. You’ll be able to enjoy a secure and snug fit with the shaping bodysuit along with the use of strong hooks and safe zipper closure.

How to Pick the Perfect Shapewear for Your Outfit1

This waist trainer bodysuit also comes with flexible cups that serve as a built-in bra and customized bra straps to make sure that the straps don’t hurt your shoulders or back. If you’re looking for an easy-to-wear bodysuit, you should surely get your hands on this one!

AirSlim Firm Tummy Compression Bodysuit Shaper with Butt Lifter

The AirSlim Firm Tummy Compression Bodysuit Shaper with Butt Lifter is available in black, beige, and navy blue colour which you can choose among. Made from premium smooth fabric, this bodysuit shaper can be a lifesaver if you want a well-defined body from your tummy, hips, thighs as well as your waist. No matter how much movement you have throughout the day, the bodysuit will always stay in place like a pro.

How to Pick the Perfect Shapewear for Your Outfit2

This body shaper with butt lifter comes with a convenient zipper crotch, anti-rolling silicone strips on the edge, and is made from the ideal fabric for daily use.

AirSlim Boned Sculpt High Waist Shorts

With a focus on creating the perfect hourglass figure, AirSlim Boned Sculpt High Waist Shorts are surely a great option for women who want to feel comfortable in their skin. These butt lifter shorts have been designed with boning technology ensuring you do not feel any discomfort even when you have to wear the short all day long.

If you’re conscious about your waist size and want to bring it down with the least amount of effort, these shorts will fulfil the wishes that you have. The good part is that the high waistband stays in place and does not roll up or down after a while. Also, if you want to skip the traditional corset and stick to comfort, these shorts are worth a try.

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