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How to Save and Insulate Better With Knauf Australia 

You may not consider the insulation of your home to be a major problem if you have the tendency to focus more on the aesthetic of your home. However, if you pay attention to insulation details during building with the use of Knauf Australia, you will be pleased with the results for many years to come.

If you enhance your wall insulation, you might see a reduction of several hundred dollars in your yearly heating and cooling expenses. It will make your home gentler in the environment and more welcoming to guests at the same time.

The five strategies listed below will help you improve your home’s energy efficiency.

5 Strategies to Improve Efficiency at Home

Knauf Australia can help efficiency increase in your home using five simple strategies you and your contractor can do. By applying these ideas for wall insulation, you may save money while also protecting the environment.

1. Invest in Premium-Quality Wall Insulation

Invest as much as you can in the insulation of the highest possible quality, such as Knauf Australia. If you pick wall insulation of a higher quality, your home will be better insulated in direct proportion to the degree to which you can exercise sound judgement.

R-value is a common measurement used to evaluate how well insulation performs its function.

Because there is more room in your roof, insulation batts with a higher R-value, such as R5 or R7, may be put there. This is due to the increased amount of space. If you wish to insulate your walls, you may find that you need to choose an R-value that is a little bit lower than usual since there is less empty space. Lastly, make sure you take accurate measurements.

2. Windows With Two Panes of Glass

Windows with a double pane of glass are quickly becoming the norm in newly built homes and for a good reason. Knauf Sydney can help provide the highest possible quality to ensure the overall condition of the home.

These pieces of glass are held together by a layer of gas or air that is sandwiched in between the individual panes. As a consequence of this, they are designed to function as a thermal barrier that is even more efficient. The second layer of glass considerably reduces the amount of heat and sound that may be transmitted through it.

When it comes time to choose windows for your home, you may be shocked to find out how many different choices are really available to you. Double-paned windows have a high initial cost, but they may boost the thermal efficiency of your windows by as much as 70 percent, which can significantly improve the comfort of your house and lower your monthly energy bills.

One of the other benefits is a reduction in the amount of condensation that forms on windows, which helps to stop the growth of mould and may also make your window coverings last longer. There is also the option of getting triple-paned windows, which are more costly but provide an even higher level of insulation.

3. Using Sarking Before Cladding

If you use a reflective insulation solution around the outside of your house before you clad it, you may be able to increase both the home’s energy efficiency and its thermal comfort.

One more effective strategy for fending off the weather is to use sarking, a material that resembles aluminium foil.

4. Rods Installed Behind and Around the Panes of Glass

You may insert a backing rod inside and around each of the window openings. A foam backing rod is a great thermal insulator and may be used in both horizontal and vertical connections. It is available in a wide variety of diameters to meet the requirements of a variety of applications.

Before the inner walls were sheeted, they had been placed around the windows to protect them. Sealing a hole, no matter how little it may seem to be, can help reduce the amount of heat that escapes and will increase the effectiveness of your insulation.

It is not difficult to work with a backing rod, which is a popular commodity that can be purchased at the vast majority of hardware stores and has a similar texture to a sponge. If your builder is okay with you travelling to the site, you may even ask if you might handle it on your own if you’re up for the challenge.

5. Use Expanding Foam to Seal up Any Cracks or Openings

Expanding foam was used to fill any leftover fractures in the inside walls just before they were covered with sheeting.

After a quick walkthrough of the property, a solution was used to fill up and seal any fractures that were still present, which are sold in a can and can be found at most hardware shops. For instance, you may use expanding foam to fill gaps and fissures, insulate pipes, seal around windows and doors, and prevent dust, noise, and draughts from entering the space.


Invest in and improve the quality of your home with Knauf Australia products made of high-quality products for wall insulation and more. When you use the strategies mentioned above, you will not only save a significant amount of money on your energy consumption, but you will also enjoy a consistent level of comfort. So, consider the strategies for your home’s efficiency and not just its aesthetics.

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