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How to Use Play Time to Calm Down Your Frisky Kitten?

Playtime is vital for growing kittens. They need this chance to use their energy reserves for productive tasks in fun ways. Gaming opportunities help them practice their hunting skills, and kittens can play prey and predators interchangeably.

Play sessions provide a huge scope for exercise. For instance, as your kittens grow and learn coordination, they would want to practice skills often, like climbing, jumping, leaping, stalking, and exploring. The best part of playtime is it allows you to bond with your young kittens and help them avoid stress related to separation and boredom.

Suppose your fur babies don’t seem as active as they used to be on a typical day; consider taking them to the vet asap, as they could be suffering from health issues. Monitor them during their meals, nap, and wake time, so it is easy to spot any behavioral changes early.

The best pet insurance covers a furball’s health comprehensively; however, it can be more expensive than other cheaper cat insurance policies. Consider purchasing a policy, so you don’t have to compromise on their healthcare quality due to economic reasons during distressing health situations and medical emergencies.

In the meantime, read this article to learn how playtime can help your frisky baby cat calm down for everyone’s good.

  1. Multiple brief play sessions evenly spread out during the day can help release the excess energy your furry baby harbors and be a great way to spend time with your energetic pet.
  2. Design the games so that the plot revolves around hunting. Consider using toys that help mimic hunting. For instance, wand toys, feather toys, stuffed mice, and laser toys are some of the bestselling kitten toys. They can be used to grab your baby cat’s attention and awaken its predatory skills. Allowing your kitten to win is as important as challenging it while playing to help satisfy its hunting instincts.
  3. Add warm-up and cool-down to the play session to ensure balance. Warm-ups help prepare your cat for a fierce game and cool down can be used to signal to your baby cat that it is time to slow down things and relax. For instance, you can move a toy slowly and not vigorously so your cat can calm down and chase the toy with little energy and finally wind up things by bringing the moving toy to a halt.
  4. Another way to call it a time-out is to toss a small ball or your kitty’s favorite toy so it can play on its own until it gets tired of playing with it.
  5. Once the playtime comes to a close, allow your little furball to rest for some time, then give it a toy and tasty food. At this point, your tired kitty may want to finish its meal, groom itself, and slumber until dawn without disturbing your sleep.

The above tips can work well on feisty kittens who stay active while the whole world sleeps. Good food, exercise, and stimulation can calm down hyper pets and help keep health issues at bay. However, not all medical conditions are avoidable, which is why you should consider being prepared with the best pet insurance. Cat insurance covers a furball’s unanticipated vet costs, potentially lowering much of your financial stress during testing times of health, so why not contemplate purchasing a policy?

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