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How to Use TikTok Features to Change the Game Effectively?

TikTok is a versatile and excellent platform to create and share high-quality videos. If you are an avid and enjoying TikTok user, you might know about it before. It has evolved from a musical app but now becomes an excellent platform for useful information. People often use TikTok as the third search engine after Google’s Chrome and YouTube. They mainly watch informative content and use a free tiktok video downloader to download and see the videos offline. It has become a habit, and most of the users are youngsters. 

So, to change the game on TikTok and to improve your presence, it is crucial to follow some unique tactics. If you utilize the hacks and know the main advantages of TikTok’s features, your results will be good. Explore this article if you are still confused and want clarity about the best TikTok features. 

1. Create GIF From TikTok Video 

Do you know about GIF marketing, and it is trending right now? You miss a good chance to market or increase your presence if you don’t know about it. A survey found that users like to see videos with GIFs and engaging content. So, to change the TikTok game, you better convert some of your videos into a sharable GIF. To implement the plan, here are the steps. 

  • Find the video that you are willing to convert. 
  • Click and share button to the right.
  • Then, select ‘Share as a GIF’ by scrolling to the right.
  • Save it on your device, or choose where to share the GIF.

2. Save TikTok Videos Without Logo 

Cross-promotions are another great method to enhance your visibility. But it is advised to post the video without the TikTok logo on other platforms. To do this, you must screen record by turning on your volume high and microphone on-off mode before posting your TikTok content. 

Use the preview option to check the full video once or twice to know whether you have all the content. Now, you have to close the preview and end the screen recording. Next, trim the main part of the video that you want to upload to the other platforms. Later, cross-promote your TikTok videos to the needed social media platform to boost your awareness. 

3. Hide Your Liked Videos 

Every user who visits your profile will be able to see the videos that you have liked. If you maintain your reputation for your brand without showing how you use TikTok, hide the videos you have liked. In the upper right corner, open ‘Settings’ and click the three dots from your Me screen. Click on Privacy and Safety and scroll until you view who can see the videos that you have liked. You can now set it to Only Me, showing a line on your Favorite tab. 

4. Duet 

Have you tried working harder to attract audiences on TikTok? If yes, you need to create Duet and post the content on TikTok. It will allow users to create a video on the side of the existing one. Both videos will play simultaneously when a user clicks to watch the content. You can create videos with any creator’s videos that allow Duet. Many business persons use it to share their product’s demo videos to attract users. People also download videos using TikScoop and watch the content later to understand the usage correctly. So, don’t wait; start creating Duet videos, impress global users, and gain more followers to your account quickly. 

5. Reaction 

Reactions are somewhat similar to TikTok Duets. Like you create Duets, click the share button at the right corner. Now, select the react option instead of clicking the Duet. Then, tap the Record button to film the video and add the required effects to publish the content as usual. The main purpose of TikTok React is to record yourself reacting to other users’ videos. So, use the opportunity wisely to chance the TikTok game effectively. If you do, it will help to improve your engagement with the target users much faster. 

6. Translate a Comment 

Creating and engaging the audience with different content is a good choice. Suppose you are a creator/marketer who gets the global audience’s attention and receives more comments. If the comment is in your native language, it will be easier to know and reply to the comments. However, suppose the comment is from another language; you will not get what they say. So, in this case, you have to translate the comment to know the comments that you receive. 

Luckily, TikTok has provided you with a translation tool to translate and know the comments. First, bring up the menu by tapping and holding the comment that you want to understand. Then, click translate to change the language. Now, you can see the comment in the language that you want. 

7. Stitch 

Stitch is a feature that slices up two videos into an original video of another creator. It lets you use about 5 seconds of the creator’s existing video. Also, it has become a fantastic way to collaborate with other people with the same goal. So, plan a good content strategy and Stitch your videos with content suitable to increase your fame and global reach faster. If you take advantage of this idea, your account will gain more views and followers. 

Wrapping Up

TikTok has many features to level up your game significantly. If you want to enhance your presence using the hidden features of TikTok, it will impress the users. They may download your videos utilizing TikScoop within a few seconds and repost the video using their account to support you. Attract the users easily by creating videos into GIFs and posting your content on other social media platforms without the logo. Hide your liked videos to save the brand’s reputation. 

Create Duet videos to boost your online presence much faster. Use TikTok React and post reactions to your videos with the help of a creator/influencer. Translate a comment that you can’t understand using the translation tool. Understand the comment and upload videos accordingly to win the audience’s attention. Leverage the Stitch feature and create more content and grow your fame. If you use all these features, it will help to achieve your goals.              

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