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How to write a successful professional resume ?

We can’t stress this enough. The CV is the crucial element of your professional project. If it is well written, it should allow you to get several interviews, or even the job of your dreams. You can very well increase your chances of standing out from other candidates thanks to your CV. Just keep in mind that all the candidates who apply for this or that job have almost all the criteria requested in the ad, like you of course. So don’t rely too much on your qualities. Know how to present them well in your CV. For you to be the lucky one, your CV must be professional and punchy. Here’s how to make it work.

1. Take care of the spelling and formatting

Before sending your CV, check a few details first, because the recruiter is not going to linger over your application. Generally, he will spend 6 to 7 seconds for each CV. So if your CV does not interest him, he will move on to another one. First, play on the visual aspect of your CV. Make sure that the spelling and formatting are perfect.

Contrary to what you may think, ensuring the visual aspect does not mean that your CV has to reflect a real billboard on you. You only need to give more space in the organization of the different headings to be inserted. For example, a 2-month experience should not be highlighted more than your 5 years in other fields.

Therefore, leave out irrelevant experience and put forward all experience that is relevant to the desired position. Another more important detail: never use visuals that could weigh down your CV. Your resume should not exceed 1 MB in size. And please convert it into PDF format so that everyone can open it without modifying it. But before converting it, read it several times to make sure there are no mistakes.

2. Choosing the title well

The title of a CV is also very important. Remember that there are software programs that search for keywords on all applications that reach the recruiter, and if yours doesn’t have them, it will be immediately thrown in the trash.

To be effective in writing your CV, you must choose a title that is more than interesting. You should refer to the job title in the ad. Or if you want to replace it, try to see some examples of online resumes that can guide you in writing the title of your resume.

You can also choose a generic title that can fit several job offers, for example your specialty or your last degree in your field of study. But if you are unsure, it is better not to use a title and to seek advice from experts.

3. Highlighting skills and specialties

At a glance, your CV should make you stand out from the other candidates. Need I remind you that a recruiter receives at least several dozen applications for a single job in a day? If you highlight the key elements of your CV such as your technical skills, your language skills, your computer skills, and other specialties, you will surely catch the recruiter’s attention.

You should also include figures that show your success in your past responsibilities. And if you think you have a particular specialty, an expertise in a particular sector of activity, you can indicate it above. That’s a big plus for you.

4. Demonstrate your soft skills

Of course, the CV also reflects your know-how in different professional fields, but keep in mind that recruiters are looking for soft skills. They focus more on the values and commitments of the candidate.

You can show all your personal skills in the “Interests” section. This section should not only mention your sports or leisure activities. It should also include personal skills that can be useful for the position you are applying for or for the company in general.

For example, if you are a sports coach or an ordinary sportsman, mentioning it in your CV will give your recruiter confidence, because playing sports implies tenacity, discipline, organization, commitment and responsibility.

5. Insert a professional photo

The photo, you must never forget it. Of course, it is not mandatory, but without it your recruiter cannot distinguish you more than the others. Not every photo can be included in your CV. You should only include a professional photo. What does “professional photo” mean?

A professional photo is one that is taken with the proper attire, with a clean environment and a solid or neutral color background. Your eyes should be focused on the lens. And you should not smile too much and even less make a face. You should stand up straight. And keep it simple.

The resume photo should be a bust ¾ printed and not glued to the document. Your photo will help the recruiter get to know you a little better.

6. Do not forget the contact information

In your CV, you are not obliged to mention your age and family situation. However, you must give your complete contact information so that the recruiter can contact you if your resume interests him/her.

In the “Contact information” section, mention your last name, first names, phone number and email address if you have them, as well as other links and means of contact such as your social network profiles, for example.

On this, you can also indicate if people (your friends in social networks) can be contacted to recommend you for a given position or mission. Don’t forget that nowadays, recruiters “google” candidates and consult social networks to find the best applications or to judge the personal daily behaviors of candidates who have applied for a job.

You should therefore pay close attention to your profile picture, your cover picture, your publications, your public appearances, all your public photos, etc. Also update your resume on Linkedin, a professional network, to solicit recommendations from your professional contacts that will appear on your profile.

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