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How YouTube is essential for positive shopping experience?

YouTube has become quite trustworthy source of information when it comes to brands featuring their products and services.

Thus, it has become crucial for a positive shopping experience as various consumers find it a credible platform to gain knowledge about a given brand.

Brands are employing remote video production companies to produce product review, explainer, or brand awareness videos.  

The YouTube creators play an important role in this activity.

In this blog, we discuss that how video influences the buying decision and how YouTube contributes to a positive shopping experience.

How video influences buying choices and decisions?

The video remains a powerful tool that helps in connecting and engaging customers. Consumer habits have changed as major brands have moved their offerings to online platforms. The video is now influencing customers buying choices and decisions.

As per a research, there are certain findings related to consumer preferences. As many as 93% of consumers said the video helps them when they have to purchase a product or service.

They also reported that video is the number one form of content that helps them choose products or services when using social media. Talking about the platforms, consumers find the products or services while using platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

The consumers also reported that their learning about new products or services comes more from videos as compared to reading about them online or browsing photos.

About 40% of consumers did more purchases after seeing ads on social media.

As much as 71% of consumers bought/availed of a product or service after they watched the brand’s video on social media.

The businesses stood out by using some tips when it comes to influencing buying choices and decisions. They went vertical for stories-friendly content. The vertical videos showed growth in popularity and the most preferred platforms remained Instagram Reels, Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories.

The vertical content is eye-catching, relevant, and engaging as well. The next strategy is to cater content according to the platform. While most platforms do well when videos are vertical, YouTube does well with landscape videos and long-form videos.

The A/B test is also crucial for results-driven video ads. By doing the A/B test, you get to know what works well with the audience, and then you can back the one that performs well based upon your findings. The best part should be shown first in the video to entice the buyers.

YouTube for positive shopping experience

The buyers like honest and reliable information, and this is what brands should consider when sharing information online. New and exciting brands are always important to shoppers.

If the brands provide trustworthy and reliable information, then it helps them buy a product or service with confidence. As per research by Google, YouTube ranks number one when it comes to shopping needs.

YouTube’s creators form a huge part of the reason users view the platform for most genuine information. As much as 87% of users agreed that YouTube creators provide recommendations that are trustworthy.

YouTube content creators often share updates regarding the product and how it is performing with the passage of time. They provide with pros and cons of the product in limelight.

Gen Z shoppers go with trusted brands as compared to the trends. They ranked discovering a brand loved by them significantly higher than exploring something trendy.

This is good news for brands which hope to create a go-to destination for Gen Z as well as other shoppers. The question is how they can become such a loved brand. This can be done by formulating a positive shopping experience, something which encourages consumers to buy from brands regularly.  

The most important factor for a positive shopping experience is to give people information about the product which is trustworthy and thereby provides more satisfaction when it comes to the moment of purchase.

YouTube helps businesses build such trust. It also helps the brands to gain customer loyalty, as 85% of people who consider YouTube when it comes to their shopping journey reported that they plan to purchase from the brand time and again.

Thus, this is evident that YouTube is a platform that users trust, and therefore they trust the brands which are highlighted in YouTube videos. The shoppers trust the recommendations put forward by the YouTube creators. Also, the YouTube ads got a significant rating in research conducted by Google where users find the ads more established, credible and trustworthy as compared to other platforms.

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