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Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Potato Peeling Machine

A potato peeling machine is a kitchen appliance that automatically peels the skin off potatoes. It saves time and effort compared to peeling potatoes by hand.

This article focuses on the potato peeling machine and what to consider when buying one.

Potato peeling machines are mostly used for commercial purposes. It works by using a rotating blade to peel the skin of potatoes. Most peelers use electricity to power the rotating blade. However, some are manual.

Here are some factors to look into;

The Size

It is important to consider the size because it will determine how much of your space it will take. A bigger machine is more difficult to move around or store when unused.

The Capacity

The capacity of the peeling machine is considered because it determines how many potatoes you can peel at once. If you are peeling potatoes for a commercial kitchen or many people, you will need a machine with a higher capacity to handle the volume of potatoes you need to peel. However, a device with a smaller capacity is sufficient for a smaller volume of potatoes.

The Blades

The type of blade a potato peeler uses determines how well the potatoes are peeled. Different blades may be suited for different types of potatoes or peeling requirements. For example, some blades may be better suited for thin-skinned potatoes, while others may be suited for thick-skinned potatoes.

Additionally, some blades may be more durable than others, which may be important if you use the machine frequently or commercially.

The Power source

Different potato peeling machines are powered differently. You should consider the power source to determine how and where the device can be used. Electricity must be plugged into an electric outlet if the machine is powered by electricity. However, if the machine is battery-powered or manual, you can use it anywhere.

The Ease of Cleaning

It is important to consider the ease of cleaning the peeling machine because it will determine how easy it will be to the device and to keep it in good working condition. A device that is difficult to clean may be more prone to damage or not work as well over time.

Additionally, a machine that is difficult to clean may be less hygienic, which may be a concern when making food for yourself, your family, or for commercial purposes. When buying a peeling machine, you should always research how to clean it and get the easiest or easiest cleaning accessories.

These factors will affect the potato peeling machine price in Kenya. While considering these, also consider the price and the warranty that comes with it. You want to ensure that you are getting a machine that is within your budget and comes with a warranty that will protect your investment.


This article defines some things to consider when buying a potato peeling machine. It may be helpful to read reviews of different devices from various brands and specifications to see what others have experienced with multiple machines. This can help you make an informed decision when buying a machine.

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