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Invasive Tree Roots? Get Advice on How to Keep Your Pipeline Safe

Roots love water. They will eventually find their way to your pipes if you’ve planted trees close to the sewer line.

Sewer lines carry lots of water, oxygen, and nutrients your trees need to survive. Roots will sense this. They’ll penetrate your pipes through the tiniest cracks in your sewer line. They will gradually grow into mature roots as they absorb the water, nutrients, and oxygen from your pipes. If the growth goes unnoticed, it will cause massive damage to the sewer and piping system in your home.

So, is there a way to permanently remove and prevent the roots from penetrating the sewer? Well, let’s find out.

How Does the Invasion Occur?

Roots continually seek water, oxygen, and nutrients. Your piping system has loads of water, food, and oxygen the trees need to grow. The piping will age and weaken with time and continual use allowing cracks to develop. So, the roots will look for these cracks and use them as channels to access the water, nutrients, and oxygen present in the water flowing through your pipes. Over time the tiny cracks will expand to accommodate the growing roots. Hence, causing root invasion in your sewers and plumbing system if you’ve planted fast-growing trees in your yard.

How To Keep the Pipeline Safe

It’s best to take the proactive route and save your sewers from invasive roots.

Keep the Pipeline Moisture Free

The moisture around your pipeline will attract invasive roots. Cracks are the primary cause of moisture retention around your piping. Therefore, you’ll have to continually inspect your pipes and check whether they have cracks or fissures. A professional is in a better position to identify and curb cracks from letting roots invade your pipeline. Contact a sewer line repair company to help you inspect and fix any form of crack in your pipeline. They have the tools to help identify and fix the tiniest cracks that may escape your eye.

Kill Invasive Roots

Eliminate any invasive roots growing in your pipes. You can DIY with salts like rock salt. Although, this may take longer. The salts may fail to work if you’re dealing with big mature trees. You can also try to poison the invasive roots using a septic treatment like copper sulfate. The poison will only kill the ones in your pipeline. It won’t damage the whole tree. However, you have to be careful with the copper sulfate treatment.

Talk to a Professional

The fastest way to remove invasive roots in your pipeline is by involving a professional with tree service insurance. It’s safe and a better option than using toxic chemicals. They will use a rooter or an auger to help remove the invasive roots from your pipeline.

Regularly Flush a Natural Root Killer Down the Toilet

You can make a natural root killer right from your kitchen. You’ll need vinegar, boiling water, salt, and baking soda. Mix them and flush them. Use the downstairs toilet if possible.

Create Barriers

Barriers will prevent roots from trickling into your pipes. You can use metal or wood to create a barricade between the tree and your pipeline.

You’ll need to place the barriers six inches deep into the ground to prevent aggressive roots from finding their way to your pipes.

Use Durable Plastic Pipes

You may have to install new pipes if you own an older home. Consider installing long-lasting plastic pipes to help prevent fissures and cracks. Work with a sewer line repair company in Austin, Dallas, San Antoni, or wherever you are,  to get quality results.

Don’t Ignore Your Drains

Do a drain inspection every six months to detect any unusual clogs or growth. Work with a professional to thoroughly inspect the drains. They have sophisticated tools to detect roots or obstructions in your drains and pipes.

Regularly Hydro-jet Your Pipelines

Hydro jets are effective in clearing clogs or obstructions in your pipelines. The tool uses high-pressure water to clean the pipes. Therefore, a regular hydro jet session may prevent invasive roots from consuming your pipes. Schedule a hydro-jetting session with a hydro-jetting company.

Wrapping Up

Roots keep our yards green and beautiful. However, they may turn into an enemy once they invade our pipes. Therefore, you’ll need to keep checking your pipes to keep the enemy from invading your pipes and drains. We listed some remedies and tips to keep roots away from the drainage and your pipeline. Always consider talking to a professional. They will offer a long-lasting solution.

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