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Jas Mathur- A Man With a Strong Willpower, Who Changed the Health and Fitness Industry

In this age of the World Wide Web, people, who are fitness enthusiasts or business owners looking for effective expansion ideas must have heard the name Jaspreet Mathur or Jas Mathur. Even if you are not well-versed with the name, going through this article can give you proper knowledge. The majority of people know Jas Mathur as a successful Indian-descent Canadian entrepreneur, venture capitalist, or as CEO of Limitless. But his life showcases a lot more than just all these things. He is known as the idol of young people, who are full of aspirations. Let’s learn why.

His early life achievements:

From a tender age, Jas was quite ahead of the kids of his age. At the age of 11, he imbibed his passion to reach a top position. So, he convinced his parents that he wanted to drop out of high school in 10th grade to pursue his dream to be a business tycoon. And then he launched his first venture at the age of 12.

He was interested in the evolution of the latest technology and soon he developed his own wrestling news website by following this passion. Soon this website grabbed the huge attention of people and it generated huge traffic regularly. But Jas was not satisfied only with this success as he always believed that change is the most constant aspect of life.

So, he sold the profitable business to a media conglomerate at the age of 16 to generate a good profit. And then he invested the money in different industries like satellite TV, digital surveillance, online dating, online gambling, downloadable media, etc.

The physical transformation journey:

People who know the story of Jas Mathur, know well that he is highly popular for a life-changing physical transformation. But it was not that smooth. When Jas was doing well in his professional life and was busy growing his business empire, he neglected his health a lot and his mental and physical health were not on a proper track. As a result, he gradually gained around 450 pounds at the age of 22 and his waist measurement was 68 inches. He realized the issue when he bought a sports car and couldn’t fit into it. Then he decided to get back to a perfect shape while going out of the shell. Although the journey was not easy, Jas made it possible with his determination.

His dedication towards health and fitness helped him to lose over 250 pounds in years to look fit and fabulous. This was also a turning point in Jas’s life where he developed a strong bond with health and fitness. And then he also devoted himself to the health and personal care of other people. This devotion helped him to start his brand- Limitless Performance Inc. Limitless is not just a business venture for Jas, but it is his way of decoding a fit and healthy lifestyle.

An exponential growth of career:

In recent times, Jas Mathur has become hugely popular by developing two highly successful companies. He is the CEO and founder of two brands Emblaze ONE Inc. and Limitless Performance Inc. Between them, the former business bolsters the companies of young entrepreneurs from launching to transforming into bigger ones, and the latter works as the wellness brand that helps to empower the lifestyle of users. And both companies experience huge success with the sharp brain of Jaspreet Jas Mathur, who is the mastermind of these companies. With his hard work, perseverance, and knowledge of reaching people and marketing products, he is enjoying great success.

Emblaze ONE successfully pulls the country’s barriers down with a global presence. It also generates huge revenue over time by working as a full-service interactive agency. On the contrary, Limitless Performance Inc. changed the health and wellness industry a lot with a range of dietary supplements and beauty and personal care products.

Now his brand Limitless X has decided to partner with HealthCorps- the national non-profit organization to reach youths across the nation to understand and solve the issues related to health inequities. And this noble venture is highly appreciated by people across the world.

All these works of Jas have helped him to get presented on the MSN, TMZ, Independent and Radar Online, Inquisitr, HipHopDX, etc., and in reputable publications like Forbes, Men’s Journal, Muscle and Fitness, Entrepreneur, Life and Style, Star, US Weekly, Ok Magazine, In Touch Weekly, etc. Apart from that, he was also featured on the live Cheddar TV where he had a discussion regarding the vision of his business.

Jas Mathur- the man with strong willpower:

Jas Mathur’s life can be a great lesson for any budding entrepreneur, any unshaped person, or a teenager, who wants to make a difference in life by tasting success. People often say luck only favors the brave. But starting from being a brave kid, who wanted to make a change, the journey was not that simple.

Jas has faced many negative reviews for his doings and his ventures. But with strong willpower, he has dealt with all these negative remarks effectively. As a result, these negative remarks could never harm the business image of Mathur.

So, it can be said that not everyone can convert their passion into successful businesses. Robust willpower and self-confidence are two important keys to success that we get to know from the life story of Jas Mathur.


So, in conclusion, we can say that Jas Mathur is not just a name of an entrepreneur, he is a story of success, and he is a brand himself. Besides, the life of Jas Mathur is almost like an open book, from where others can learn some positive lessons. Besides, he has almost 7 million followers on Instagram and he is also frequently united with different entertainment and sports industry leaders.

With great executive management experience and an amazing marketing strategy, he along with his brand Limitless perfectly describes his real beliefs regarding life. All these things helped him to achieve limitless wealth, limitless attention, and limitless enthusiasm to help others.

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