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Join Mega Lottery At BK8 The Most Attractive Betting Market

Mega lottery at BK8 will help you participate easily to relieve stress. However, players need to know some information about this form as well as experience participating effectively. The article has compiled some detailed data below to help you refer more easily when experiencing at BK8.

1.Basic information about Mega Lottery at BK8

This form of entertainment is also known as Mega 6/45 Lottery. Is one of the ways to play computer lottery with matrix form. Then there will be a set of 6 numbers selected from 1 to 45. These tickets will be drawn on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays of each week. At the same time, the results will be returned immediately at 18:00.

When the player chooses a sequence of numbers, they need to pay 10,000 VND. You can entertain at the same time with many Mega Lottery periods at BK8 and up to 6. The prize structure will be shown below for players’ reference.

Special prize when matching six numbers: at least 12 billion VND.

First prize when matching 5 out of 6 numbers: VND 10,000,000.

Second prize when matching 4 of 6 numbers: 300,000 VND.

Third prize when matching 3 of 6 numbers: 30,000 VND.

Basic information about Mega Lottery at BK8

2.Need to know game rules for new members

Next is some information about Mega Lottery rules at BK8 that bettors need to know. Looking at the prize structure, you can also see that just matching from three numbers will be able to receive an attractive bonus. Each player only needs to choose at least one sequence of numbers to participate in entertainment.Download (1)

With the traditional form, the highest prize will be 2 billion and fixed. However, when you join this method, the bonus can be at least up to 12 billion and then added until you win the prize. Therefore, there are many customers who love to choose Mega 6/45 Lottery.

3.How to play attractive Bao

In addition to the basic form of participation, you can also experience how to play Bao. At that time, players will have more choices of numbers to participate in. The article will share the two most used methods right below for your reference.

3.1Play Mega Lottery at BK8 in packs of 5

When participating, the player will choose 5 numbers in the set from 1 to 45. For the remaining numbers, the system will help you choose to form a prize set. This is one of the methods that is being used by many people.

Instructions on how to play attractive Bao

3.2 How to play 7-15 and 18 . bags

In addition, you can also experience 7 – 15 and 18. These are the numbers that players can choose to participate in the prize. Next, the system will reverse the numbers to produce different sets.

4.Experiences participating in Mega Lottery in detail

With the above information, I understood more about the Mega Lottery entertainment at BK8. However, in order to quickly win, players need to refer to effective betting experiences. The article has summarized the information below to help you apply it easily.

4.1 Capital planning

One of the most applied experiences when participating in the lottery is planning to use capital effectively. It is not advisable to spend a lot of money on the first matches. Therefore, distribute the amount evenly for the time you want to participate.

Download (2)

4.2 Smart selection of numbers

In addition, players also need to make smart choices with numbers when choosing Mega Lottery betting sets at BK8. There are many methods to help you choose to give sets of golden numbers. Learn this information for a highly efficient betting process.

Detailed Mega Lottery participation experiences

4.3 Learn how to play in detail from the dealer

In addition, you need to find out detailed information about how to play Mega Lottery from the house. These data have been updated in detail right in the article. From there, it’s easy to join and experience.

4.4 Calm and confident

Keeping yourself calm and confident will help you make the right decisions. This is one of the tips that professional players always advise beginners to practice. So, please participate in many different prize draws to learn and improve.


Above the article has shared information to help me have the most effective time to participate in Mega Lottery at BK8viet. So quickly visit the house BK8 to entertain and receive unexpected rewards.

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