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Key Factors to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Circular Saw

Depending on the blade selected, this electric saw can cut wood, metal, or plastic with its round, flat blade. They have an arbour nut to hold the blade in place, a handle with an on/off trigger switch, and guards to prevent the operator from touching the spinning blade. They can also be adjusted for height, depth, and bevel.

There are a few key factors to consider when selecting a circular saw. Here are some factors to take into account:


Like everything else, the type of tool you purchase will depend on your budget. Automatically, the circular saw price in Kenya changes as its quality and power rise. We advise focusing on value for money and return on investment rather than what you will gain from purchasing the circular saw. This way, you can invest more money in the best power saw for your needs because you will quickly return your investment.

Power Rating

The power rating is crucial because it establishes the saw’s potential cutting power. The cutting power of the saw improves with increasing power. A saw with a 15-amp rating will be adequate for professional use. Because batteries power them, cordless circular saws are rated in volts. The 18 to 20V circular saws are adequate for business use.

Corded / Cordless

The corded circular saws have long been preferred over cordless models by consumers. This is so that a corded saw will always have power from the primary grid. It would be best to rely on battery power when using a cordless circular saw, which is not the most dependable power source for a power tool. When using a cordless circular saw, you can get more power and runtime thanks to recent advancements in battery technology.


A saw’s balance, ease of adjustment, and grip feel all contribute to the user’s first impression of the tool. Every circular saw should have a rubberized surface on the back of the handle for a secure grip. Most of the front knobs (pommels) will also be made of the same material. To be honest, We haven’t encountered a circular saw with a truly bad grip. For our tastes, some might have a front handle that is a little too close to the back handle.

Bevel Angle

When a saw has markings every one degree and every five degrees, it is simpler to set the bevel angle precisely. Additionally, we favour finely etched markings on the bevel angle quadrant over painted ones. Similarly, firm pointers close to the degree marks lessen parallax error and improve setting accuracy. Bevel scales and pointers with solid visual contrast are beneficial, regardless of how they are.

Similarly critical to see the blade as it enters the material because you can’t always see your cut through the cutline marker. When the blade faces the user, you typically have an unhindered line of sight. Saws present more of a challenge with the blade pointed away.


The metal-cutting market must adapt as customers demand quicker lead times, “just in time,” and “right-first-time” procedures. Nowadays, faster saw solutions are frequently preferable to a slower band saw ones. This has enabled many companies and individuals to perform their duties with ease. You must know how to handle it.

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