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Laser Hair Removal Consent Form: Vital Things To Consider

Laser technology has shown proven results in the cosmetic industry. Several hair removal clinics also have embraced this technology to serve their clients. Laser rays are effective in removing unwanted body hair. The heat emitted from laser devices damages hair follicles, and that’s why your client’s body will be free from ugly hair. Although it is not a permanent solution, your clients get long-lasting results. As laser hair removal is better than tweezing and plucking, you can easily attract several clients to your clinic. But, do you know that your clients should sign the Laser Hair Removal Consent Form? As a laser treatment provider, you must present your clients with a consent form.

Use templates for the Laser Hair Removal Consent Form.

The Laser Hair Removal Consent Form is intended to let your clients make an informed decision before undergoing treatment. The consent form provides some general details about LHR processes. Your clients should also know about different treatments. They need to be aware of the potential risks and benefits.

As a business professional, you may not have time to write down every detail of the laser hair removal consent. Thus, for a timesaving solution, you can choose a template. The online template for Laser Hair Removal Consent Form is customizable to your needs. You can insert the name and logo of clinic. By filling the space in the template design, you can easily create the form. The template is downloadable and printable; so, you can present it to your clients in both offline and online modes.

Things to be acknowledged by your clients

Your clients have to acknowledge that their health status has been reviewed and they are good candidates for the treatment. Some other things to be acknowledged are

  • Laser hair removal is an elective process. Candidates should be ready to accept the complications and risks of undergoing this non-surgical process.
  • A specially trained cosmetic treatment provider is engaged in the treatment process.
  • Candidates should follow instructions during the post-procedure period.
  • It is a valid consent form, and candidates must inform treatment providers about any medical history.

Age eligibility

The minimum age requirement for the treatment is 18 years. However, those who are minors should take guardian’s consent before undergoing laser hair removal.

Let your clients know the risk of laser hair removal

Although laser hair removal is a non-surgical, safe process, your clients should know about the minor effects of this process.

  • Discomfort– Some candidates feel discomfort during the laser hair removal process. Stinging, burning sensations and tenderness are some feelings noticed after undergoing the treatment. But, these sensations will go away after 24 hours.
  • Skin burns and wounds– The treated parts may have blisters and minor injuries.
  • Pigment issues– Candidates may notice pigmentation problems in the concerned part. In most cases, those with darker skin can find these complications. Direct contact with sunlight also results in pigmentation. However, within 3 to 6 months, the skin restores its original color.
  • Scarring– Candidates have a slight scarring risk. Enlarged scars are referred to as hyper-topic scars. In very few cases, you will notice raised scars. Post-treatment care is needed to prevent the risk of scars.
  • Swelling– Some swelling signs can be noticed in the upper lip and cheeks. But, it is not a harmful condition, and within a week, it will go away.
  • Fragile skin– The skin near the treated part becomes fragile. To prevent tearing, you should not rub and abrade the part. Avoid using makeup for the concerned area.
  • Eye hazards– Laser beams applied for the treatment may cause risk to the eyes. So, it is essential to put on protective eyewear.
  • Bruising– Bruising signs are common, and they disappear naturally within 2 weeks.

What conditions make laser hair removal risky?

Your candidates have to acknowledge that they do not have the following conditions.

  • Pregnancy

Laser technology may cause risk to an unborn baby, and so, moms should wait until they have given birth to their baby.

  • Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding moms should avoid having laser hair removal treatment. Their hormones may affect their hair growth. Thus, this process will not be effective for them.

  • Medical conditions

Psoriasis, previous surgeries, and bleeding disorders are some medical conditions that can cause the laser hair removal process risky.

  • Medication

A number of medications make the laser process unsafe. That is why you must talk to your physician before undergoing the treatment.

  • Suntan

The contact with the sun will result in more melanin production. It can also make the skin color uneven and patchy. This condition is not good for laser hair removal.

As a consultant, you will need to alter your lasers based on the patient’s skin condition during the treatment.

So, these are some medical conditions when laser hair removal treatment needs to be avoided. Your patients should ensure that they do not have any of these conditions.

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