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Looking To Buy Co-Codamol? Here’s What To Know!

Paracetamol and codeine are the two painkilling components of Co-codamol. It’s used to treat the discomfort  that lasts less than a week and can’t be relieved with paracetamol alone. If you want to buy co-codamol online, you need to be aware of its strengths.

Co-codamol is available in three strengths, one of which can be purchased at a pharmacy without a prescription. The amount of paracetamol in each of the three strengths is the same (500 mg), but the amount of codeine varies, determining the preparation’s strength. The three most common tablet strengths are 8 mg/500 mg, 15 mg/500 mg, and 30 mg/500 mg, with the first number indicating the quantity of codeine in the pill and the second indicating the amount of paracetamol.

Combination medicines, such as co-codamol, can help minimize the number of tablets needed per day, but they may not always provide the best pain relief tablets. This is because adjusting the dose to meet your level of discomfort without raising the danger of adverse effects is challenging. As a result, many doctors avoid prescribing combo medicines. Below are some of the most important pieces of information you need to know if you wish to buy co-codamol.

How To Use Co-Codamol?

Before you buy co-codamol online, you should read the information sheet of the manufacturer. It will offer you more information about co-codamol as well as a complete list of the negative effects that you may encounter as a result of taking it.

You should consume co-codamol as directed by your pharmacist or doctor. For adults, one or two tablets are enough for every 4-6 hours. Always remembers to wait for at least 4 hours between the doses. Do not try to take more than two tablets in a day. Due to the paracetamol concentration of the tablets/capsules, this is the maximum suggested dose for all strengths of co-codamol.

With a glass of water, swallow the tablets/capsules. If you’ve been given effervescent tablets, dissolve the tablet in a small glass of water first.You can take co-codamol before or after eating, although taking it after food can help you avoid feeling ill, which can happen after the first few doses.If you miss a dosage, take it when you next need pain relief and then continue as usual, taking your doses every four to six hours if necessary. To make up for a missed dose, do not combine two doses. You can buy co-codamol online as well as at several offline pharmacy stores.

Can Co-Codamol Be Harmful?

Before you buy co-codamol, you must be aware of its side effects. Most drugs, in addition to their beneficial effects, can induce unpleasant side effects, albeit not everyone experiences them. Some of the most prevalent ones related to co-codamol are included below.Unwanted effects usually fade as your body adjusts to the new prescription, but if any of the following persist or become bothersome, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Some of the side effects of the medicines are as follows:

  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Feeling drowsy or sleepy
  • Dry mouth
  • Sweating
  • Stomach pain

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