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Luxembourg National Football Team vs Portugal National Football Team Timeline


Football, a sport that transcends borders, has witnessed countless battles on the pitch, each match etching a unique chapter in the history of the beautiful game. The encounters between the Luxembourg and Portugal national football teams are no exception. This timeline unravels the story of their clashes, marked by determination, skill, and the pursuit of glory.

1970s: The Dawn of Encounters

1971 – Luxembourg 2-3 Portugal:

The first documented meeting between Luxembourg and Portugal took place on May 16, 1971. In this friendly match, Portugal emerged victorious with a narrow 3-2 win. This early encounter set the stage for a series of matches that would shape the narrative of their footballing relationship.

1980s: Early Battles and Shifts in Dynamics

1981 – Luxembourg 1-2 Portugal:

A decade later, in a World Cup qualifier on October 14, 1981, Portugal once again secured a victory against Luxembourg, this time with a 2-1 scoreline. The encounters in the 1980s highlighted Portugal’s dominance but also showcased the competitive spirit of Luxembourg.

1985 – Portugal 3-0 Luxembourg:

Continuing their rivalry, Portugal maintained their upper hand with a convincing 3-0 win in a World Cup qualifier on November 13, 1985. These matches underscored the evolving dynamics between the two teams as Portugal solidified its position as a footballing force.

1990s: A Decade of Shifts and Close Calls

1990 – Portugal 3-1 Luxembourg:

In a World Cup qualifier on May 23, 1990, Portugal secured a 3-1 victory over Luxembourg. Despite Luxembourg’s efforts to narrow the gap, Portugal demonstrated its prowess, setting the tone for the challenges that lay ahead.

1995 – Luxembourg 1-1 Portugal:

A notable shift occurred in the dynamic between the two teams in a European Championship qualifier on October 11, 1995. Luxembourg managed to secure a 1-1 draw against Portugal, signaling a significant moment in their footballing history. The draw showcased the potential for surprises in football and the resilience of the Luxembourg team.

2000s: Turning Tides and Luxembourg’s Resurgence

2000 – Portugal 5-0 Luxembourg:

As Portugal asserted its dominance with a commanding 5-0 victory in a Euro 2000 qualifier on June 5, 2000, Luxembourg faced the challenges of competing at the highest level. The match highlighted the contrast in footballing stature between the two nations.

2008 – Luxembourg 1-0 Portugal:

In a stunning upset on September 10, 2008, Luxembourg secured a historic 1-0 victory over Portugal in a World Cup qualifier. This unexpected triumph marked a watershed moment for Luxembourg football, proving that the underdog can indeed emerge victorious against more established opponents.

2010s: A Decade of Competition and Growth

2013 – Portugal 3-0 Luxembourg:

Portugal reasserted its dominance with a 3-0 victory in a World Cup qualifier on March 22, 2013. Despite the loss, Luxembourg displayed resilience, showcasing their growth as a footballing nation.

2019 – Portugal 3-0 Luxembourg:

In their most recent encounter on November 17, 2019, Portugal secured a 3-0 win in a Euro 2020 qualifier. The match reflected Portugal’s continued prowess, but Luxembourg’s performance hinted at their ongoing commitment to growth and development.


The timeline of encounters between the Luxembourg and Portugal national football teams reveals a story of competition, growth, and occasional surprises. While Portugal has often emerged as the victor, the journey has been far from one-sided. Luxembourg’s ability to secure draws and historic victories demonstrates the unpredictable and captivating nature of football. As both nations continue to evolve in the world of international football, their future clashes promise to add new chapters to this compelling narrative, shaping the ongoing legacy of their footballing rivalry.

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