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Makeup Guide: 4 Tips to Build Your Makeup Arsenal for Every Occasion

Whether you’re rocking a li’l black dress or donning regal, ethnic wear, a hint of makeup elevates the appeal of your attire 10X. That’s right! Makeup kit wields the power to blur imperfections and enhance your natural features, giving you a big boost of confidence. Furthermore, it brings to the table the fun element, with a gamut of textures and hues to pick from —unleashing the artist lurking inside you.

To help you get glam, irrespective of the occasion, we are bringing forth tips and tricks to build your makeup kit or we can say makeup arsenal. These top-notch offerings (across categories) may be summoned for an understated office look or an OTT, bold Saturday night at the club. So keep scrolling.

1. Base Perfection

  1. Primer: Firstly buy makeup kit then once you are done with your skin prep, ensure to slather a lightweight primer on to your skin. A primer helps solidify your base — it blurs blemishes, fine lines and gives you a smooth canvas for the rest of your makeup application. A primer is also indispensable to making your glam last longer and hence ought to be a regular feature in your makeup kit. Pro Tip 1: if you have exceedingly dry skin, opt for a hydrating primer which prevents your foundation from looking patchy or congealing in thick, gooey masses.
  2. Foundation: After applying your primer, start with a lightweight foundation for an even base. If you have a light complexion, pick formulations sans golden or yellow tinctures. This will help prevent the dreaded orange-ish appearance upon blending. There are innumerable formats of foundation available in the market- mousse, liquid, powder and stick— do a patch test to determine which variant bodes well for your skin type. Pro tip: if you have dry skin, pick brews with a dewy effect. Au contraire, if you have oily skin, a mattifying foundation will cast away the unwarranted shine and reduce the appearance of pores.

2. Get The X Factor With Blush And Highlighter

  1. Highlighter: Draw focus to your incredible bone structure with the aid of a highlighter. Apply your liquid or powder highlighter on the high, focal points vis a vis the face— the bridge of the nose, on the cupid’s bow and over the cheeks.
  2. Blush: A twinge or generous amount of blush (whatever floats your boat), will help make your cheekbones pop.

3. Create ‘Eye’-Catching Looks

  1. Eyeliner: To craft eye-catching looks, ranging from high-glam, runway ready to clean-cut, baswe Girl— only a handful of eye products are required. Start with a liner to give unparalleled depth and definition to your gaze. This vanity staple can be availed in different formats such as liquid, pen, gel and pencil! If you are a pro at sketching precise lines, turn to a liquid variant for the undisputed colour pay-off and staying power. Alternatively, you may pick a twist-up or pen for a formidable flow and a commendable colour saturation. Now that you have zeroed in on the format, ace a bold wing, draw a reverse cat eye, master the fishtail— the world is your oyster.
  2. Mascara: Once your eyeliner is even and on, use a volumizing mascara to brush up your lashes. The perfect formulation will deliver an intense colour teamed with a curling effect, without weighing down your lashes. Pick an offering wielding a convenient wand that grants you a grip for 360-degree coverage.

4. Pucker Up, Ladies

  1. Lip Balm: Make sure to apply a thin layer of lip balm before you go all out with the lippie. A satiating lip balm keeps episodes of flaking and chapping at bay. Moreover, if infused with SPF, it protects the brittle tissues against the harmful rays of the sun. Lip balms also facilitate an easy application of your lipstick or lipstick— cutting down the drag and resistance.
  2. Lip Liner: A lip liner has many benefits! It can prevent episodes of feathering and smudging by holding the lipstick formula within the contours. A lip liner when close to your actual colouring (or colour tone) can help create an illusion of fuller lips. All you need to do is gently overline your pout. Repeatedly. Start from the cupid’s bow and work your way outwards with a gentle hand. You can also summon this nifty pencil to colour your pout before the lipstick application. This move helps cement the staying power of your lipstick.
  3. Lip Stick: To create a headline-grabbing glam moment, place your trust in a bold, creamy lippy. Pick a colour best suited for your personality and the occasion. Nude lipsticks have been enjoying their moment under the sun. They are universally flattering and transition exceptionally well from day to night. Perfect for most occasions, whether you are waltzing into work or stepping out for a night of dinner and drinks! Alternatively, you may pick from shades of browns, reds, pinks and plums! There are also different textures available in the market, ranging from matte to gloss.
  4. Lip Gloss:  For the finishing touches, you can apply a layer of gloss atop your lipstick. This manoeuvre ensures that your pout emanates a high-power shine. If you gravitate towards matte-effects, you will love this pro makeup tip. To further enhance the texture of your lipstick— brush a hint of translucent powder through a sheet of butter paper, onto your lips.

Hope the above tips will help you elevate your makeup kit!

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