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Michael Phelps Net Worth

Michael Phelps is an American swimmer and the most decorated Olympian of all time. He has won a total of 28 Olympic medals, 23 of which are gold. His incredible success in the pool has also translated into success in the business world. In this article, we will explore Michael Phelps’ net worth and the story behind his wealth.

Michael Phelps’ Net Worth

Michael Phelps’ net worth is estimated to be around $80 million. This is an incredible amount of money for someone of his age, and it is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and success in the pool.

Phelps’ net worth is comprised of his earnings from his Olympic victories, endorsement deals, and other business ventures. He has also invested in a number of real estate projects and is a partner in a tech start-up.

The Story Behind His Wealth

Phelps has been swimming competitively since the age of seven, and his hard work and dedication quickly paid off. He was the youngest male swimmer to make the U.S. Olympic team in 2000, and at the 2004 Olympics, he won six gold medals and two bronze medals.

At the 2008 Olympics, he won a record-breaking eight gold medals, and at the 2012 Olympics, he won four gold medals and two silver medals. His success in the pool has led to numerous endorsement deals with brands such as Visa, Subway, and Speedo, as well as opportunities to invest in real estate projects and tech start-ups.

Phelps has also been involved in numerous charitable initiatives, such as the Michael Phelps Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles and encouraging youth participation in swimming.

Michael Phelps’ net worth of $80 million is an incredible achievement for someone of his age, and it is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and success in the pool. His success has also enabled him to invest in real estate projects and tech start-ups, and to give back to the community through charitable initiatives.

On January 30th 1985, Michael Phelps was born in Towson, Maryland to his parents Fred and Debbie Phelps. After discovering his affinity for swimming at the age of seven, Phelps went on to become one of the greatest Olympian of all time. Having competed in four Olympic games, the 23-time Olympic gold medalist has accumulated an impressive net worth of $200 million.

Ranking first in all-time Olympic medals, Phelps came out of the gate strong with six gold medals and two bronze medals in the 2000 Olympic games in Sydney. His success in the Olympics continued through Athens, Beijing, and London where in each Olympic games he secured a minimum of five gold medals and no less than one bronze.

Phelps has backed up his Olympic success with several lucrative deals with big companies such as Visa, Under Armour, and Speedo. In addition, his autobiography No Limits: The Will to Succeed became a best-seller and he was even the victim of a death hoax in 2011. Beyond endorsement deals, Phelps’s net worth is now an impressive $200 million which made him the richest Olympian in history until Usain Bolt surpassed him in 2016.

Having said goodbye to the Olympics, Michael Phelps is now focusing on his Under Armour swimwear line, his show on the Discovery Network, and his foundation, the Michael Phelps Foundation. The foundation was started in 2008 and provides educational, athletic and emotional support “to help all children learn and play in the water.”

Now retired, Phelps is looking to leave a lasting impression in thousands of swimming pools across the United States and continue to constitute to those less fortunate. But given his success and net worth, one cannot help but to say: Congrats, Michael!

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