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Motion Graphics Trends

The art forms like motion graphics have a bright future. These got famous during the days of the pandemic. When people started to rely on social content more than ever. It gave rise to the production and usage of motion graphics on another level.

Motion graphics is a new way to deliver a brand’s message. This art form is persisting in different industries. You will find motion graphics on mobile applications. Plus, brands are pulling off their marketing strategy with motion graphics.

The attributes of motion graphics like versatility and novelty have no parallel. Since the days of the advancement of technology, motion graphics has also been shaping itself to achieve huge heights.

In previous years, motion graphics trends have revolved around unique color families, variable animations, designs, and retro elements. During its evolution, motion graphics predicate on multiple trends as reports shows us for the year 2022.

We will discuss these major trends in a while!

No matter whether you are a beginner or a seasoned motion graphics professional. You need a constant stream of new ideas and inspiration to work other things out. You need to devise solutions in the form of tricks and hacks to become a smart professional in this career. Motion graphics itself is important to take inspiration from being its devotee.

Also, if you are an associate of a brand or working as a freelancer with different clients, they want something latest and heart-touching. It will help them outperform their competitors.

What is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics includes typography, objects, characters, and different elements that are in constant motion. This technique demonstrates the concepts and ideas on a visual basis through an extensive production process.

It is also viable to elaborate intense and tough ideas through visuals. Especially abstract ideas which are much harder to explain to the audience. Plus, it can also help with the technical explanation of products and services.

The style of motion graphics might include 2D and 3D animations. It is just a sub-class of animation that is becoming a new trend these days. You will find different graphical elements set in motion in the content related to motion graphics.

Motion graphics work on a stationary animation and set it in motion. This art form does not follow a message. Instead, it magnifies its impact on the audience.

Examples of Motion Graphics Videos

Motion graphics is a limitless domain. Due to this reason, it has sub-branches in different sectors of the world. Most of them connect with digital products and services.

In this section, you will learn about some amazing examples of motion graphics videos. See how these brands have implemented an effective marketing strategy through motion graphics.

●     Pepperfry motion graphics video

●     ICT motion graphics video

●     Eurika motion graphics video

●     Google cloud IoT solutions (Google)

●     Industry 4.0 (Deufol)

●     Welcome to humancare (Seton)

●     Imagine what you could do (American Express)

●     DigitalOcean

●     Slack

●     Scribble Live

Is Motion Graphics like 3D animation?

Motion graphics function with 2D animations. In some cases, professionals would add 3D characters or elements to improve the overall quality. However, the motive of most of the experts is to stick to the actual purpose of motion graphics. It is animating or moving the graphics in the projects.

There are many myths and misconceptions about motion graphics and animation. Truth be told! Motion graphics is just like animation but there are a few differences between the two.

Motion graphics does not follow storytelling. It persuades your audience to a certain call to action. Animation on the other hand describes stories and interacts with the audience through them in a discernible way.

What is the price of Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics projects don’t have a fixed price range. Every studio or production house aims for a variable price range. It depends on the collateral effort required to complete a specific project.

However, the average motion graphics rates start from $30 and end at $330. These depend on the factors like video length, the complexity of the animations, and the types of software used to complete a video.

Trends in Motion Graphics

Animated Collage

The animated collage includes all the elements like illustrations and photos. Since it is an animated collage, it includes animations and videos too if needed. These elements enhance the feel of a project including animated collages.

Example: A fine instance is an experimental demonstration of an animated collage by a flawless graphic designer Andreea Robescu is a collage of a woman divided into black and white hues. Further enhancements are swirling colors, video clips of speeding trains, and torn-paper textures.

2. Kinetic Typography

The elements of typography in motion graphics cannot be ignored. Kinetic typography is an emerging trend in motion graphics. It includes random text which is in motion. It is viable for storytelling. This trend fits well with advertisements, websites, music videos, and title sequences for movies and TV shows.

Example: You can get inspired by the work of “Voting Art” in form of a collection. It was for empowering the civilians to interact with politics more. In this project, the focus was to highlight individual letters. The word itself was also the main character that was in motion along with compression, expansion, and twists.

3. Glitch

Glitch is to depict flaws of motion graphics in an irresistible way. Most professionals are reluctant to showcase imperfections. But the glitch is there to save you! A glitch is a digital effect that induces disruption, distortion, and digital noise.

This effect is important to create a bridge between digital space and animations in a stellar way.

Example: A K-pop girl group called “Aespa” uses a glitch effect in one of their teaser videos. A fine demonstration of the connection between live-action and anime.

Isometric Shapes

Isometric shapes are becoming a sole part of motion graphics. Motion designers are using these to enhance the quality of their 2D animations with such shapes. These also help with 3D rendering and pertinent activities.

The phenomenon of isometric shapes is to alter the size of the digital projections inside the screen as if the viewer is going far from them.

Example: One good example of isometric shapes is the video from “OFFF” which is a design festival in Barcelona, Spain. The highlight of this video includes two-dimensional isometric motion graphics which sets the mood of enthusiasm along with a deep message.

Liquid Motion

The illustrations of liquid motion have a watery appearance. The consistency of liquid motion is uncanny when it comes to awestruck the audience. Just like water waves, these animations have a flowy texture and feel.

These are identical to 1960-style psychedelic art but the flair of contemporary concepts of motion graphics makes them unique from it.

Example: “Alfred” which is a Dutch marketing agency uses liquid motion which has some crucial attributes like fast velocity which relates to the cinematography of the studio and emphasizes one of the products and its working.

Grain Effects

Grain effects are identical to glitches. Instead of distortion, you will see some tiny granules or a granular effect in the images. These are also a hot demand when it comes to certain nature of projects.

Example: “Reverse Charades” uses a grain effect in a project which includes different items of routine life and abstract shapes along with motion graphics.

Summing it up

Motion graphics is an inspiring domain. It has evolved into a much more versatile form with the help of technology. The emergence and implementation of its trends are dominating different industries. The unstoppable pace of motion graphics would prove to be rendering different opportunities to professionals in the present and future.

A viable marketing strategy uses motion graphics. A brand can gain huge benefits from motion graphics if it consults professionals in this field like BuzzFlick. They are the experts in this domain and you can check it yourself by exploring their website for more information.

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