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Nicolas Pépé – The Premier League Cup 2021/2022’s Ultimate Assist Master


The League Cup 2021/2022 season witnessed scintillating football performances, and one player who stood out as the ultimate assist provider was Nicolas Pépé. The Ivorian winger showcased his exceptional skills and vision on the field, creating numerous goal-scoring opportunities for his team. In this article, we delve into Pépé’s electrifying displays, his impact on the competition, and his journey to becoming the best assistant in the Premier League Cup.

A Star’s Ascent

Nicolas Pépé’s rise to prominence in European football had been gradual but steady. Signed by Arsenal from Lille in 2019 for a club-record transfer fee, Pépé faced high expectations from fans and pundits alike. In his first two seasons at the Emirates Stadium, he displayed glimpses of his talent but had yet to reach his full potential.

The League Cup 2021/2022 Breakthrough

The 2021/2022 League Cup season proved to be a turning point for Pépé. The winger’s performances throughout the competition were nothing short of exceptional. He showcased his ability to beat defenders with ease, demonstrated pinpoint crossing accuracy, and most importantly, provided a plethora of crucial assists for his teammates.

Pépé’s Flair and Vision

A combination of speed, dribbling finesse, and remarkable vision made Pépé a formidable opponent for defenders. His ability to read the game and deliver precise crosses and through balls allowed his teammates to capitalize on scoring opportunities. Whether cutting inside from the wing or delivering inch-perfect passes from the flanks, Pépé’s presence on the pitch was a constant threat to opposition defenses.

Key Moments in the League Cup

Throughout the League Cup 2021/2022 campaign, Pépé produced game-changing performances. In crucial knockout matches, he provided crucial assists that swung the momentum in favor of Arsenal. His impact on the team’s progress to the later stages of the competition was undeniable, earning him accolades from fans and pundits alike.

A Worthy Winner

As the League Cup 2021/2022 reached its climactic conclusion, Nicolas Pépé emerged as the competition’s ultimate assist master. His remarkable tally of assists not only propelled Arsenal to significant victories but also cemented his status as one of the Premier League’s premier creators.


Nicolas Pépé’s outstanding displays in the League Cup 2021/2022 season showcased his remarkable talent and creativity on the field. As the best assistant in the competition, he demonstrated his prowess in delivering crucial assists that contributed to Arsenal’s success. With his flair, vision, and ability to create goal-scoring opportunities, Pépé continues to be a vital asset for the Gunners and a player who leaves fans eager to witness more of his magic in the seasons to come.

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