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Nisn Data Kemdikbud Go Id

NISN Data KEMDIKBUD GO ID is a comprehensive online database of student records maintained by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture. The database provides a wide range of information about students including their personal data, educational history, and academic performance. This information is used to help the ministry track student progress and ensure the quality of education in Indonesia.


NISN Data KEMDIKBUD GO ID is an online database that contains all the necessary information about students who are enrolled in educational institutions in Indonesia. The database includes information such as the student’s name, birthdate, address, parents’ names, and academic performance. The database also includes records of students’ attendance, grades, and other relevant information. All the information is securely stored and can only be accessed by authorized personnel.


NISN Data KEMDIKBUD GO ID provides a number of benefits for the Ministry of Education and Culture. Firstly, it helps the ministry keep track of student performance and progress. The database allows the ministry to quickly and easily identify students who are not meeting the required standards or who are not making sufficient progress. This information can be used to provide additional support and guidance to these students.

Secondly, the database also helps the ministry to ensure the quality of education in Indonesia. By having access to detailed and up-to-date information about students, the ministry can ensure that the education system is providing quality education and that students are receiving the necessary support.

Finally, the database also provides a secure and efficient way for the ministry to store and access student information. This helps to ensure that all data is kept up to date and is securely stored.

In summary, NISN Data KEMDIKBUD GO ID is an invaluable resource for the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture. It provides a comprehensive and secure way to store and access student records and helps the ministry to ensure the quality of education in Indonesia.
Today, the National Education Ministry of Indonesia (Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan or Kemdikbud) has announced the launch of NISN Data or NISN Kemdikbud Go ID. NISN is the acronym for the National Database of Elementary and Secondary School Students and Teachers.

NISN Kemdikbud Go ID will allow the ministry to access and store data of elementary and secondary school students, teachers, and other educational personnel in Indonesia. This new, searchable data will allow the ministry to track and monitor school performance, manage enrollment and handle administrative tasks, and provide access to valuable information that can help the government improve decision-making efforts for the betterment of educational outcomes.

The NISN Data Kemdikbud Go ID will be open to all Indonesian educational personnel, allowing them to log in, verify their identity and access data from the database. This data will then be used to catalogue, register, and manage education personnel, as well as planning, finance, and evaluation.

The initiative has been applauded by officials and members of the educational community who believe it will help them access timely and accurate information in order to make more informed decisions. They also believe this increase in transparency will help create an equitable education system.

The NISN Kemdikbud Go ID promises to revolutionize data management and the quality of data the ministry has access to, and it is hoped that this move will improve the Indonesian education system and benefit students in the long run.

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