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Places to Visit in Malaysia


Malaysia is a favorite tourist destination owing to its astounding diversity. It is a multi-culture, multi-lingual and multi-ethnic country. You can come across serene natural beauty, colonial architecture, innovations, and tall skyscrapers. Besides, you can indulge in delectable cuisine and extensive shopping. You can even explore exciting and thrilling adventures, recreational activities, and entertainment options. Suitable for all ages and tastes, it entices you with myriad possibilities.

For the truly Asian experience, you can visit the following top 8 places to visit in Malaysia:

  1. Kuala Lumpur: The country’s capital and largest city is the home to the world’s tallest twin towers, the Petronas twin Towers. With amazing things to do in Malaysia  has something for everyone. You can even witness three of the 10 largest shopping malls in the world. As an entertainment hub, it welcomes you with its vibrant nightlife and trendy lounges and bars. You can enjoy the traditional markets too. Look for the mega sale event during March, May, or December. You can taste delicious local street foods. Visit the visual art galleries and exhibition centers. Explore the massive limestone Batu caves, which is a holy shrine and home to bats.
  2. Georgetown Penang: The once colonial city, it was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Malaysia’s 4th most-populous city has a lot to offer to tourists. You can perceive British-era structures and buildings, Chinese shops, temples, mosques, beaches, historical homes, seaside forts, and museums. Regarded as the ‘food capital of Malaysia’, it provides you with a colorful and delectable food scene. Try the famous lip-smacking street food. You can go on a forested hiking trail, visit the 19th-century Buddhist temple, view the cityscape from the 68th floor of the Rainbow Skywalk and take the tram ride. Buy batik souvenirs from local shops.
  3. Langkawi: Stretching over the Malacca Strait, it is a notable island. It shelters abundant wildlife and diversity. Besides the mystical legends, you can come across spectacular beaches, amazing rainforests, interspersing cliffs, mangrove forests, imposing mountains, stunning waterfalls, and chic promenades. You can even watch the bustling marketplaces, the extraordinary art galleries, and historical relics. Hike to Gunung Raya, the region’s tallest peak with a golf course at its base. You can also enjoy local handicrafts, snorkeling, walking on the glass bridge, fun-filled afternoons, and natural hot water springs. Don’t forget to feast on the scrumptious seafood from the beach cafés.
  4. Cameron Highlands: Although Malaysia is hot, here you can admire the cooler climate. The picturesque hill station is home to 8 diverse settlements. It is a potpourri of traditional Malay aboriginal and sophisticated English cultures. You can cherish hidden waterfalls, adorable vistas, colonial-era buildings, nurseries, and expansive tea estates. Take a decent hiking tour around the volcanoes. Stroll through the butterfly gardens, plantations, flower greenhouses, and strawberry farms. Visit the aboriginal temples and traditional tea brewing centers. Sip into aromatic teas and taste scones in the Tudor-styled inns. You can even indulge in bird watching, swimming at Parit Falls, horse riding sessions, and bee-keeping lessons.
  5. Kota Kinabalu: Renowned for the magnificent Mount Kinabalu, standing at an elevation of 4101 meters, it is an exotic tourist venue. Flanked by humongous mountain ranges and untouched rainforests, it entices visitors with compelling views and adrenaline-pumping activities. In the company of park rangers, you can climb Malaysia’s highest mountain peak, and view the rare five-petalled Rafflesia flower. You can also visit the national parks where you can take a hiking trail, sunbathe on the white sands and explore the coral reefs. Moreover, you can take a cultural tour of the cultural village and state museum and learn about local ethnic groups.
  6. Tioman Island: It has shot to fame because of its duty-free nature, nature reserves, and beaches. Stop here for lavish beach resorts and duty-free shopping. You can spend an ideal holiday amidst the dense jungles, gushing waterfalls, and laid-back fishing villages. The hidden gem provides you with captivating views and a memorable experience. You can observe wide-ranging flora and fauna. Indulge in plenty of water activities like scuba diving, surfing, and snorkeling in crystal clear waters. You can spot the dolphin pods. Spend a quiet evening watching the breathtaking sunset, explore the commercial hub and the ecological park, and taste the delicious pizza.
  7. Ipoh: Hailed as the Gateway to the Cameron Highlands hill station, it is Malaysia’s 3rd largest city. Although it is a less popular destination, it is popular among nature lovers, art and architecture buffs, and adventure seekers. You can discover traces of the British Era in the heritage sites and gorgeous architecture. Moreover, you can admire the compelling street art. Explore the 20th-century castle, and hike to the 2000-year-old temples and limestone caves. You can also indulge in modern amenities like resto-bars, pubs, and clubs. Moreover, you can enjoy thrilling activities like kayaking, rafting, and biking. Relish the delicious fares from the street stalls and high-end restaurants.
  8. Melaka: From a tiny fishing village to a charming city, Melaka has come a long way. It has an illustrious trading history. You can also delight in its multicultural heritage. It is also been made a World Heritage Site. Feel the positive and peaceful aura of the place. You can visit the 17th-century Chinese temple with elaborate designs and numerous prayer halls. Drop by the 18th-century Javanese-influenced green-colored mosque with 3-tiered rooftops. You can also view the Christ Church and visit the lively night markets. Moreover, you can relish Nyonya cuisine for its awesome flavors. You can also come across family-friendly attractions, historical landmarks, and colonial buildings.


Thus, you can certainly plan your visit to Malaysia. Visit it with your friends, partner, or family, and create wonderful memories. You can explore several places and gain abundant experience. With a flexible program, you can make the most out of your vacation. Check out the tour packages, and book the one that best suits you. You can even acquire lucrative discounts and offers, which will maximize your satisfaction within your budget and time restrictions.

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