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Prepare Yourself for a Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser treatment is not a complicated star but it requires extreme precision and care for the whole procedure. Laser hair removal techniques are extremely fruitful if you want to get rid of unwanted hairs in your body. It does not require any painful steps but it is wise to prepare yourself for the treatment beforehand. This small step will assure your safety and make the procedure more successful.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind before going for a laser hair removal treatment.

Avoid sun

It is important to avoid sun exposure or any kind of artificial tanning process before you get laser hair removal. Sun exposure should be the bare minimum or completely avoided. It also includes avoiding tanning beds or self-tanners. Using these can cause skin discolouration after the treatment. It will also cause excessive pain and blistering because of the sunburn in the laser treatment. You should make sure that you’re applying sunscreen regularly and that the area that is going to be treated is completely covered when you are stepping out.

No waxing in the area

It is important to avoid plucking or waxing the hair before the treatment. As these things can affect the growth cycle of your hair and the laser will not be able to catch up with the follicles in the perfect stage. It would not give an effective result and can interfere with the session. The mean motive of laser hair removal is to destroy the hair follicle in their right stage of growth.

No cosmetic cream

It is advised to avoid any kind of makeup or cosmetic cream on the affected area. The ingredients in the beauty products are responsible for affecting the treatment result so it is advised to remove them before the treatment. It is advised not to use any makeup deodorant ointment lotion or other topical application on the area

Shaving the treatment area

If you may avoid shaving altogether but if you need to save a particular area make sure to use a razor between sessions. It is something that will least interfere with the treatment. But it is important to understand that if you have a session booked for the treatment make sure that you are shaving your hair before 28 to 48 hours.

Consult about your regular medications

Before you go for the laser treatment you should speak to your professional and inform all the current medication you are working on. It will include oral and topical medication that you are taking. Some medications can affect the course of treatment and cause blisters and burns. You should inform if you are having any photosensitizing, antibiotic or birth control.


Laser treatment can significantly reduce hair growth and give you smooth and soft skin. It is important to take care of certain things before the treatment to avoid the harmful impact of laser hair removal. This will also ensure to get the most out of the treatment.

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