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Questions to Ask Before Booking a Comedian

Planning a shindig, fundraiser, or bash? Adding a funny person to the mix is a genius move. But, with a sea of comedians to choose from, finding the perfect fit can be tough. Fear not! Here are some fantastic questions to ponder before nailing down your comedic maestro:

What type of event are you planning?

This question is crucial in the quest for the perfect comedian, as it sifts through the options like a diamond in the comedy mine. Different events may require distinct styles of comedy. For instance, a corporate event may benefit from clean and family-friendly humor, whereas a private party may be open to more edgy or adult content.

What is the audience demographic?

Understanding your audience is crucial before booking a comedian. A comedian who specializes in political jokes might hit the mark with the silver-haired crowd, whereas one who hones in on pop culture might vibe with the younger generation. When picking a comedian, it’s crucial to ponder the age, background, and values of your attendees. After all, you want the laughter to hit home.

What is your budget?

Finding the perfect comedian is like a game of price-tag roulette. It’s crucial to have a pre-determined budget unless you’re ready to roll the dice and let the laughter set the price. Also, consider any additional costs such as travel, accommodation, and production fees. If a comedian’s initial price exceeds your budget, do not hesitate to negotiate.

What is the comedian’s experience?

Comedian experience can vary greatly, making it vital to research their background before making a decision. Evaluate their past performances, reviews, and any awards or recognition they have received. Working with a professional who can deliver a great performance is imperative.

What is the comedian’s style?

Every comedian possesses a unique style, so it is crucial to find one that aligns with your event and audience. Some comedians rely heavily on physical comedy, while others specialize in storytelling or observational humor. Consider their delivery, energy, and tone as well. Stargigs works with comedians in Canberra, so you’ll find lots of options here.

What is their availability?

Once you have identified a comedian that meets all your criteria, confirm their availability for your event as popular comedians tend to get booked quickly. If they are unavailable, do not hesitate to ask for recommendations or referrals.

Do they offer custom material?

Depending on the event, you may require a comedian who can tailor their material specifically to your audience. Inquire about this service beforehand, as some comedians offer it for an additional fee.

What is their cancellation policy?

Being prepared for unforeseen circumstances is always prudent, so inquire about the comedian’s cancellation policy. Understand if you will receive a refund if the event is canceled or if there is a rescheduling option.

Can I see a sample of their performance?

Most comedians will have clips or recordings of their performances available for viewing. Watching a full performance, rather than just a highlight reel, can give you a better sense of their style, delivery, and audience interaction.

Can I speak with them directly?

Last but not least, to seal the deal, it’s highly recommended to have a good old-fashioned chat with the comedian. Not only will you have the chance to fire off any lingering questions, but you’ll also get a taste of their personality. It’s like a sneak peek behind the comedic curtain. Establishing rapport with your chosen comedian can contribute to a successful event. So, don’t shy away from cracking some jokes yourself and observing how the comedian responds!

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