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Reasons to Buy Honor X8a

After going over the X9a and X7a, we are back again to review some other phones from the brand name; this time, it is the honor x8a. Well, here we are, telling the reasons to buy honor x8a. Following are the top reasons which make you compel to buy honor x8a.

1. Display and Design:

Prior to we get moving on its functioning and camera capabilities, let’s 1st have a look at its design. The honor x8a boasts a glossy-looking rear that, in reality, has more of a matte finishing. This makes it find grippy to carry, and the device is not a fingerprint attracter.

Moving to the face, we have the device’s 6.7-inch screen display. Although the extra budget for low-cost mid-range devices has thin bezels and little front photographic camera notches, the X8a’s are still leaner. The face camera cutdown is as well noticeably more minor than others, creating it look more comparable to a superior device, the X9a.

2. Binge-Watching Part:

Talking of its screen display, the device bears a 6.7-inch display screen with an FHD+ resolution. Note, though, that the device screen is an LCD, signifying you will not get OLED-level spirited colors and rich blacks with this device. The display screen can also get a lot bright, which assists in finding content with colorful lights indoors or still outdoors.

3. Gaming Artistry:

As named above, the honor x8a is hopped up by a Helio G88 C.P.U. That is paired with equal to 8GB of RAM. At this stage, the Helio G88 is not the most novel C.P.U. out at that place, simply it is all the same and able of executing today’s common aggressive multiplayer games.

4. Photoshoot Capabilities:

Cameras are the field where the honor x8a assures to stand out. The device has a 100MP f/1.9 primary + 5MP f/2.2 ultrawide + 2MP f/2.4 big triplex back camera arrangement as well as a 16MP f/2.5 broad face camera. Featuring a 100MP primary shooter is bang-up on paper; simply does it really result in bang-up photographs? In our examinations, it emphatically did.

5. Daily Reliability:

Although it may not be capable of executing the most exacting games, for daily use, you had better have no issues with the honor x8a. As for its operating system, the device executes Magic UI 6 on big top of Android 12. Although opinions on its general look and design may change, mostly, users had better have no issues with the device’s UI as it is fairly easy to use.

Bottom Line:

The honor x8a is HONOR’s 3rd smartphone brought out of 2023, and it is a powerful low-cost mid-range choice for a certain sort of user. Although it may not be the complete match for zealous mobile gamers, its functioning is all the same and pretty effective for today’s best-selling games. It as well has a fine design and a quality LCD screen display.

Although the reason to buy honor x8a is all mentioned above, they are enough to make you buy honor x8a.

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