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Reasons Why I’m Obsessed With Pamela Love Jewelry

Pamela Love has got to be the coolest jewelry designer out there. From her punk-rock styling to her edgy pieces, she definitely doesn’t disappoint. Her line of jewelry is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Love’s designs are unapologetic, which is exactly why I can’t get enough of them. With your new favorite Pamela love jewelry, she continues to challenge herself and excite us with something new that we never could have imagined. Let me tell you why I’m obsessed with Pamela love jewelry…

Her unique design aesthetic

Pamela Love designs are very unique. You won’t find her jewelry on anyone else, as she has created a style that is ideally her own. She likes to play with materials, textures, and colors to create an edgy, punk-rock vibe that is distinctly hers. Because of this, Love’s jewelry is an easy way to add some edge to your everyday outfits.

Her eco-friendly practices

Pamela Love uses ethically sourced materials, and her design aesthetic is heavily inspired by nature. Her pieces are made with recycled gold, and she loves using materials like Turquoise, Amber, and Jade. Love likes to create pieces that are meaningful and carry a story with them. She does this by incorporating rare and ethical materials in her designs that tell a story about who she is and where she comes from. Love is also very eco-conscious when it comes to her practices. She adheres to a sustainable model, and all of her packaging is biodegradable. Her designs are also ethically sourced and have a fair-trade stamp on them.

The price point is just right

At first glance, Pamela Love’s jewelry might seem out of reach for your average jewelry wearer. She uses rare materials like Jade, Turquoise, and Amber in her designs, so they are definitely not cheap. However, Love has created a price point that is reasonable for most. Her pieces range anywhere from $160 to $1,200. While this might be a substantial investment for many, keep in mind that Love’s jewelry is made to last. Her pieces are meant to be heirlooms that last through generations. While some pieces are made to be delicate and dainty, others can be worn daily and still hold up well with wear and tear.

The jewellery is made of quality materials

If you’re going to invest in a designer piece, it’s important to know what you’re actually investing in. Pamela Love uses quality materials in all of her pieces, but some are higher quality than others. For instance, her turquoise pieces are all natural but vary in quality. She also uses genuine and faux stones, so you can find a piece that fits your budget and still features her signature shade of turquoise. Love’s signature pieces include the “Goddess Ring,” “Goddess Bracelet,” “Goddess Choker,” “Goddess Hoops,” “Goddess Earrings,” and “Goddess Necklace.” These pieces are made from various materials, including turquoise, amber, and gold. The “Goddess Necklace” and the “Goddess Bracelet” are definitely Pamela Love’s most iconic pieces.


Pamela Love jewelry is like nothing else on the market. Her designs are unlike any other, and she continues to challenge herself as a designer. The pieces are edgy and punk-rock, but they still have a feminine quality to them. They are made with genuine and eco-friendly materials and come at a reasonable price point. Their quality is undeniable, and they are sure to last a lifetime.

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