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Reasons Why VIP Numbers Are Trending

Having a VIP number is considered a status symbol of sorts indicating that you have arrived in a big way. For those that wish to flaunt their success Having a VIP number enhances their social cachet.  It indicates that the individual is unique from the rest of their peers.

Make your business distinctive

If you are a new start-up just getting your business going, it must be distinctive so that it stands apart from its competitors. With so much competition out there both online and offline for any business to be successful it is necessary to carve your niche and draw prospective customers. That is where having a VIP number can make all the difference.

Stay exclusive

Most top businesses and companies use numbers that are unique so that they can be identified easily from the competition in their industry. Having a number that is out-of-the-ordinary reflects the uniqueness of the business. It could be because the business offers something extra and special or gives its customers that extra bit of customer care. Having a VIP number from British Numbers will do just that for any enterprise.

Easy to recall and instant recognition

Owning a VIP number will ensure that you are remembered easily. Having a regular number can make it quite challenging for most people to instantly recognise the digits or they have to check their phonebook to confirm. Because a VIP number comprises repetitive digits it makes it easy to identify and recall the person or the business the number belongs to.

Plus, there are other advantages of having a memorable VIP phone number as well. On social media when we change our profile photographs, they will recognise the person or business at once without having to look around to locate the identity of the owner or the individual thanks to the number. This is more common than you think as people change their social media DPs regularly. Likewise, if any invites are sent via any social messaging app it becomes easy to recognise the sender without having to search for the sender thanks to the number. Having a VIP number definitely has its benefits!

Save on advertising expenses

Having a VIP number is much more than a standard phone number. It serves as a customized marketing tool and offers the company or business a host of benefits that would have not accrued if you did not have the number.

Promoting one’s business can be very expensive and cost a large chunk of your budget. Why depend any longer on standard methods of advertising when you can market your business at a fraction of the cost spent on regular advertising? Choosing to own a VIP number instead will help to promote and advertise your business and make brand recall a breeze with potential customers. Having a name attached to your VIP number will help to market your business without having to break the bank.

Customers will find it easy to distinguish the business when searching

Brand recognition becomes instantaneous with a VIP number

Improve your business profitability with customer retention

For any company or business to flourish retaining its customers is a necessity. Having repeat customers that return to the business is proof that your business is on the road to success. The more repeat customers the greater will be the increase in your profit margins. Customer retention is the key to any business succeeding in a highly competitive environment. Plus, such customers will speak about your business to others and advertise your business by word of mouth.

Customer satisfaction is a prerequisite for any business to prosper and there are various ways to accomplish that. These will include:

  • Maintain top-notch quality in service and products
  • Be proactive in handling customer queries
  • Offer the highest standards of customer service

Make your business easy to recognise by using a VIP number

  • VIP numbers offer easy to recall in comparison to regular numbers
  • VIP numbers build brand recognition

In a highly competitive world businesses and companies are constantly in search of ways to remain unique and build brand identity. One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to do that is by associating your company or business with a VIP number from British Numbers!

If you can’t find the right number, feel free to request/create through their custom number service here:

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